Board of Directors

President: Colin Smith 

Colin Smith is 63 years old and retired from a career in social work andColin business. His wife Becky and he have been married for 41 years, and have one daughter and two granddaughters, that are the love of their lives. Colin is a semi-professional photographer. focusing mostly on wildlife and landscapes, but he has also been motivated to capture in photographs the beautiful tapestry of life in Nicaragua.
"I became involved with JustHope through my friendship with the Rev. Leslie Penrose.  I have visited Nicaragua twice and cannot wait to return.  JustHope has given me an opportunity to express my yearning for peace and justice in the world, as there is hardly a more gentle and gracious people, who have least deserved the injustices they have experienced.  Most of all I am grateful for the insights my friends in Nicaragua have given me into my own life. They truly know that the way to happiness is to live in the day, and to count our riches not in material things, but in those we can truly call friends."

Treasurer: Connie Inglish

ConnieConnie Inglish has a degree in Sociology and an MBA.  Her work has been centered in higher education and with the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ.  For 16 years, Connie worked in development/fundraising for the Oklahoma Christian Foundation, the Oklahoma Christian Retirement Community and Phillips Theological Seminary.  Currently, she is the director of employer services for the Pension Fund of the Christian Church. 

Connie is married to Bill Inglish, the minister at Disciples Christian Church in Bartlesville, OK.  Their daughter Angela lives in Kampala, Uganda and keeps them informed about the world outside the borders of the USA.

Secretary: Randy Leisey

"I love JustHope because of the partnering and fellowship with Nicaraguans who have to be entrepreneurial to make a living in their setting.  I value the vision and experiences I have received by working with JustHope."


Rev. Dr. Randy Leisey of Cody, Wyoming is a retired UCC minister who has served churches in four regions of the US. He was the pastor of the congregation that formed the first Covenant Partnership with Chacraseca -- United Church of the Valley in Murrieta, CA. He is the Minister Emeritus of that congregation. Randy currently serves as the Spiritual Counselor and Volunteer Coordinator at Spirit Mountain Hospice and West Park Hospital in Cody.


At Large: 

Margaret Lee 

 "I agreed to serve on the board for JustHope because it is one place where hope breathes.  It is tangible and has a human face.  I have witnessed the power of an unlikely partnership between Chacraseca, Nicaragua and Tulsa Oklahoma, one that has lived and grown.  JustHope helps me to remember that solidarity is its own reward - we are not alone."  

Margaret Lee is the Dean of Learning Assessment and Student Success Strategies at Tulsa Community College.  She earned an M.Div. from Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa and a Th.D. from the Melbourne College of Divinity in Melbourne, Australia.  In addition to serving as an effective administrator and student advocate, Margaret is a biblical scholar and published author.   One of Margaret's special passions is hand spinning and weaving.  She is currently exploring ways that her love of weaving might intersect with JustHope's micro-credit program for women in Nicaragua.

Dr. Regina Lewis

Regina has been a D.O. for 12 years. She specializes in family medicine and OB/GYN and is head of the OSU Women’s Health Clinic. She has traveled to Nicaragua with medical students from OSU and been a great support to JustHope.

Mindy McGarrah Sharp

Dr. McGarrah Sharp, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology and Ethics at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is working to advance the intercultural paradigm in the field of pastoral theology. Dr. McGarrah Sharp was influenced to think more critically about postcolonialism and global partnership with her experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Suriname, South America. 


Bob Doxey

Bob Doxey is a retired business person with over 45 years of experience in the printing, imaging, and electronics industry.  He also was a principal in four start-up companies.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management and has over 50 graduate hours in law and business.

He is a member of Federated Church in Chagrin Falls, OH and became involved with JustHope in 2012 through the Stitching Hope initiative where he functions as the project administrator.  In addition, he serves as the coordinator of JustHope’s participation in the Chacraseca water infrastructure.  “Through my four visits to Chacraseca and two cultural exchanges I have experienced what a long-term partnership looks and feels like.  It is an experience that has changed my life.”


Laura Law

“JustHope has provided me a living example of peace, justice, solidarity, and hope in the world.  Its continuing mission serves as a reminder to promote these ideals in my daily life.  I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to serve JustHope and the people of Nicaragua.”

Laura Law is the Project Manager for the local aerospace manufacturing firm Fiber Pad.  She visited Nicaragua with JustHope in 2009 and has carried that experience with her in daily life ever since.  Laura has bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Anthropology from the University of Tulsa and used her experience with JustHope to write her senior paper on the affects of microcredits in impoverished communities. 

Laura is actively involved in volunteering around Tulsa.  At home she enjoys gardening and her miniature dachshund Jack.  


Adam Hawkins


I am a 3rd year medical student at Oklahoma State University Medical School.  I am currently in the process of determining what specific field of medicine I will be going into upon completion of my training but I am, as of yet, “undecided.”  I attended DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana where I was a free safety on the football team and held leadership positions with both the school and my fraternity.  I got my first taste of humanitarian outreach when I visited the Amazon Basin of Ecuador with an organization called Timmy Global Health while attending DePauw.  This experience, amongst others, instilled in me a drive to serve the worlds most vulnerable communities, both domestically and abroad.  I am currently on the board of an NGO called Social Promise started by one of my college professors.  The aim of Social Promise is mainly to support the children of St. Jude Children’s Home but our organization also supports the local hospital in Gulu, Uganda.  I have had the pleasure of travelling with the board and meeting with local officials, which further enhanced my drive to pursue a career in international health.  I spent this past winter with DOCARE and JustHope in Chacraseca, Nicaragua and was not only inspired by the organizations vision and the work they were doing on the ground, but related personally to the moral compass that drives the operations spearheaded by JustHope.  I truly look forward to working closely with the members of this organizations and hope that my expertise can help the people of Chacraseca.