JustHope supports our Nicaraguan partner communities in the following programming areas.

In 2010, Glenis Beatriz Martinez Mungia, from the Boca de Cantero sector in Chac­raseca, started taking classes in Business Admin­istr­ation at a local univer­sity. Her family all worked hard to help cover the costs, but there simply were't enough resources to put food on the table and pay for school. Glenis had to quit she thought her dream was over. Then 20 women came together to change that.

  • Baseball
  • Marimba Player
  • Dancers
  • Ukelele Players
Cultural traditions and art are often the first things lost when a community struggles with persistent poverty, depriving young people of a sense of identity and belonging. This, in turn, puts youth at higher risk of gang involvement, drug use, and dropping out of high school.


Creating jobs and opportunities for economic development is the primary way that JustHope lives into our mission of "combating extreme poverty." We believe that every person has a right to work, and our experience shows that meaningful work not only helps people meet basic needs, it increases one's sense of dignity.

JustHope’s Social Enterprise programs focus on creating a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation that cultivates inclusive and diversified economies in our partner communities. We do this primarily through supporting small business ventures and through microcredit lending banks.