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Your passport must be valid during your entire length of stay in Nicaragua.

Skills and Requests

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Check to request vegetarian meals. Other dietary requirements cannot be accommodated, so if you have food allergies or other preferences you should be prepared to supplement your food in Nicaragua.
Why can we not accommodate food allergies, sensitivities, vegans, etc.? We would like to be able to accommodate everyone's specific needs, but JustHope employs Nicaraguan cooks who are not familiar with many food sensitivities and are limited as to availability of ingredients. Rice and beans are readily available, but if you have specific dietary needs you may need to supplement your food. Please contact our office for more information.
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Medical Release

In the unlikely event that I am unable to make medical decisions for myself, I authorize my Trip Organizer(s) (as listed on the trip information page of the JustHope website) or the JustHope staff or volunteer assigned to my group in Nicaragua, to consent to any necessary examination, anesthetic, medical diagnosis, surgery, or treatment and/or hospital care rendered to me, or to the one for whom I serve as guardian, under the general or special supervision and in the advice of any physician or surgeon licensed to practice medicine by the state and/or country in which they practice during the duration of the trip identified below.

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Parental Authorization for Treatment of a Minor Child
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