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Quick News #57: The Road to La Flor

16 August 2022

About 20 people, some with shovels and other implements, work on cleaning up a rough rocky and grass road up a hillside in an otherwise dense rainforest.

Maintaining the road to La Flor is a community project for young and old alike.

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Quick News #56: Partnership and Solidarity

26 July 2022

A group of about 8 Americans and Nicaraguans stand behind a

Partners in the U.S. help alleviate hunger in Nicaragua, because an empathy of Solidarity includes a decision to act.

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Quick News #55: Freddy is Supported by His Community

19 July 2022

A man sits behind a table, with a cold pack on his leg and a crutch in the background. On the table are piles of medical supplies. Standing beside him is another man, JustHope staff person Julio Delgado.

After suffering a injury that required substantial medical attention, Freddy says, "I don’t know what would have happened without the generosity of the people and friends... and the...

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Quick News #54: Student Profile - Maria Anielka

12 July 2022

A young woman with long, dark, wavy hair looks confidently at the camera.

Maria Anielka looks forward to putting her Marketing education to use in her community.

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Quick News #53: School in La Flor

06 July 2022

About 20 students, appearing to be around ages 5-9, sit in a classroom in chair-desks common in schools. A man, presumably the teacher, stands at the back of the room. Open-air windows and a bulletin board with Spanish words and a Nicaraguan map indicate that this class is in Nicaragua.

Students in La Flor receive "a lot of encouragement to continue studying."

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Quick News #52: Technology to Support Teachers

28 June 2022

A woman reaches for a newly printed page as it comes out of a computer printer which sits on a desk. In the background sits the box in which the new printer arrived.

Access to a school printer: a small thing that makes a huge difference in the lives of Chacraseca's teachers and students.

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Quick News #51: La Flor Pandemic Update

21 June 2022

A person crosses a narrow, suspension footbridge across a small river. Overlay text with a coronavirus image background says

As the pandemic lingers on worldwide, La Flor reports that 94% of families have been vaccinated.

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Quick News #50: Women United

14 June 2022

Elba Delgado wearing a pink shirt, stands among ten women who are all holding the money and paperwork from their microloans.

Elba Delgado couldn't imagine what impact the new microcredit program would have or the ways that women would come together to support each other. But over the next...

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Quick News #49: Student Profile - Norvin

07 June 2022

Norvin, a young man, sits at a restaurant booth wearing a blue t-shirt.

Norvin found that Economics is the perfect marriage of his passions: human behavior and mathematics. JustHope's University Scholarship Program is helping him pursue those passions.

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Quick News #48: Mother's Day Performance

31 May 2022

Four pre-teens, members of Project '22, are seated with their musical instruments, a keyboard, two guitars, and a drum set.

May 30 is Mother's Day in Nicaragua, and the newly formed youth music group at the Cultural Center gave a performance in honor of mothers.

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Quick News #47: Huge Coffee Harvest for Donaldo

24 May 2022

Donaldo, wearing rubber boots and a wide-brimmed hat, tends his coffee plants.

Several lean years have given way to an historically big harvest with record profits for La Flor's coffee growers, like Donaldo.

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Quick News #46: San Isidro Labrador Celebration

17 May 2022

A statue of St. Isidro the Laborer plowing with two oxen. The statue rests on a platform designed to be carried in a parade and is decorated primarily in yellow and white. Several men mill about in the background, possibly waiting to carry the statue once the parade begins.

The patron saint of farmers is celebrated in a big way in the agricultural community of Chacraseca every May. This story includes a short video of the parade...

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