• Respiratory issues due to cooking stoves are common. Otherwise, standard chronic illnesses and injuries you would see elsewhere.
  • Attending physicians need to provide the following in order to be credentialed to practice in Nicaragua. Each item must be notarized.

    • Medical diploma.
    • Any specialty certificate (family practice, pediatrics, radiology, etc).
    • State medical license. Must be valid through the duration of your trip. If you are waiting on a renewal, please send the other documents now with a note as to when you expect your new license to arrive.
    • Basic professional information. DO NOT simply send in your CV. Please use the online form (you must be logged in OR use the link sent to you by email) OR complete this form on paper.

    About notarizing these documents: In some states, notaries are not permitted to notarize copies of official documents. If you run into this issue, ask the notary to attest to an affidavit of your statement that it is a true and exact copy (rather than attesting to the copy itself). See an example here.

    Mail all of these notarized documents to

    PO Box 4542
    Tulsa OK 74159

    If you use a delivery service that requires a street address, use

    c/o Fellowship Congregational Church
    2900 S. Harvard Ave.
    Tulsa OK 74114

    All documents need to be physically in the JustHope office no later than two months before the trip.

    If you have questions or difficulties, please contact us.