Cultural Center Gifts

Cultural traditions and art are often the first things lost when a community struggles with persistent poverty, depriving the entire community of a sense of identity and belonging. JustHope partners with the community of Chacraseca, to run a Cultural Center that offers training and performances in culture and the arts to young people as well as hosts workshops on leadership, entrepreneurship and social skills for the community.

Chacrasecans of all ages enjoy developing new skills, celebrating their cultural heritage and coming together as a community in the new Cultural Center. Let’s make sure the lights are on to welcome them! $50 provides electricity & water to the cultural center for one month.
Cultural Center Utilities
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Learning and performing traditional folkloric dance teaches young people about their culture and gives them confidence. $60 outfits a young person with a traditional folkloric dance costume.
Dance Costumes
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We believe the cultural center would operate most effectively with a part-time administrator from the community coordinating activities. $210 employs an administrator for one month.
Cultural Center Administrator
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