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Our Gifts of Hope are lovely ways to remember a special person on a special day. Tell the recipient yourself, or ask JustHope to send a card.

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Educating farmers is an important pillar of the Model Farm & Farmer Field School program. Workshops are provided in two styles: a four-month certification course and individual one-day seminars. $100 gives one year of certification courses to a farmer.
Farmer Certification
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The Model Farm is working to build up a library of resources for local farmers and community members. $600 furnishes the Agro Library with seed library shelves and materials.
Resource Library
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Dragon fruit seedlings will be planted in our experimental shade house as we determine best practices for growing high-value crops.
Dragon Fruit Seedlings
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Passoin fruit seedlings will be planted in our experimental shade house as we determine best practices for growing high-value crops.
Passion Fruit Seedlings
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The Model Farm will experiment with the use of shade houses (similar in concept to a greenhouse) to increase production of exotic fruits and other high-value crops. Utilizing a closed system allows for greater control over conditions to reduce the risk of crop loss and prevalence of plagues. $160 provides one tenth of the supplies needed for a shade house.
Shade House Supplies
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Woman stands beside her new green stove
Can you imagine relying on an open stove to heat your house and cook your food? Smoke inhalation from open pit burning accounts for millions of premature deaths each year, yet many Nicaraguans have no other choice but to use harmful cooking techniques. A “green stove” provides a safer and more efficient way to cook. $50 supplies 1/10 of the cost of a green stove. $500 supplies a house with a green stove.
Woman standing over a large cooking pot that sits on a
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Can you imagine not having a sanitary and comfortable place to “go?” It’s such a basic “luxury” but one that makes a big difference. Not only does a latrine provide a clean and healthy way to “go,” but it also gives a sense of dignity. $40 pays for 1/10 of a new latrine for a family or school. $400 builds a brand new latrine for a family or school.
Family or School Latrine
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A sanitary and low-impact latrine will be added to the learning facilities for participant and visitor use. $500 builds a composting latrine for the Farmer Field School.
Farmer Field School Latrine
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Since 2009, JustHope has fostered economic growth and gender equality by providing microcredit loans to over 200 Nicaraguan women. Microcredit supervisors play an important role in ensuring the success of each circle bank. $25 pays for one full day of training for 1 microcredit supervisor. $100 pays for training for 4 supervisors.
Microcredit Supervisor Training
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Stitching Hope is women's fabric art and sewing cooperative in Chacraseca, Nicaragua. Along with creating jobs, Stitching Hope provides training for the women, equipping them with the business and financial tools they need to market their products and run their business. $100 provides one day of marketing and product sales training to the women of Stitching Hope. $300 provides one week of training.
Marketing and Sales Training
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