• Stole: Dreaming a Whole World

Stole: Dreaming a Whole World

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This handmade stole from the Stitching Hope Center in Chacraseca, Nicaragua, represents the world that the women who made it imagine is possible if each one of us and all of us together decide to dream and work and struggle and hope together toward a world that is whole and holy. The globe symbolizes that we are one world, one creation, one family... fully interdependent and inextricably connected. The leaves reflect the dynamic, growing nature of our unity, and the patchwork reflects our bountiful diversity. This stole reminds the church that creation is in fact filled to overflowing with God's extraordinary spirit of creativity.


All stole measurements are from the nape of the neck to the end of the fabric. Sizing is a matter of preference.

  • Short = 49 to 50 inches
  • Standard = 51 to 52 inches
  • Long = 53 to 54 inches

Custom sizes can be made for children or very tall adults! When placing a custom order, be sure to tell us in the checkout comments what length you would like: measure from the nape of the neck down. (The total length of the stole will be twice this.)

Because of the handmade nature of Stitching Hope™ products, there will be some variation color and pattern. All fabrics are hand-painted.


JustHope keeps a small number of Stitching Hope™ products in common sizes on hand in our Tulsa office. If you place an order for a product/size that we don't have currently in stock, we will let you know, and acquire what you need from the Stitching Hope™ Center in Chacraseca. It may take one to two months before you receive your order in such instances.

About Stitching Hope™

Founded in 2011, Stitching Hope™ is an art and sewing enterprise established by women in Chacraseca, Nicaragua. Through their products, they embrace their spirituality and contribute to their family income by creating beautiful liturgical stoles, fashion accessories, and hand-painted quilting fabrics.