A Message from La Flor

JustHope remains in regular contact with and supportive of, our partner village in mountainous La Flor. What follows is an update we received from their community leader.

Nicaragua, La Flor
August 8, 2018

Due the situation we are living in Nicaragua, we have faced difficult times, therefore the community has suffered with unemployment for some members. Many of the companies have closed their operations or do not have the funds to pay employees. This has been very difficult for the families where there are kids that need food and where parents do not have a job.

In La Flor, we have been working in unity to ensure the safety of the community. One of the challenges has been to share a little bit of land to plant with some community members that do not have their own piece of land to guarantee food to eat. This has been a great achievement as leaders to implement and share with those members that do not have anywhere to plant.

Currently we are cultivating corn and beans. Everything (inputs) is now more expensive and we cannot afford to provide good technical maintenance to our plants, so our main purpose is to satisfy the needs of our families in the community rather than producing for the market.

We are praying to God that this current situation and crisis that Nicaragua is facing ends very soon. We are asking JustHope, and all of our groups to pray for peace in Nicaragua so that we can continue working for the good of all of our families.

We deeply thank JustHope and the groups for the development that we had had during this partnership, La Flor loves you a lot. We feel grateful for having very kind staff, understandable, and excellent people who listen to our requests and suggestions. We are working together and united with great communication for the whole community. JustHope informs us and talks to us about the whole work of the organization.

The community of La Flor has all partners in our prayers so that our organization grows every day and helps more people, but we also let you know that we have worked so hard in order to give a beautiful community. With dream projects we are sure that we are going to continue helping each other and the groups in conjunction of the community.

We hope we can have you back again very soon. Hugs of fraternity to our JustHope organization and our partner groups.