Education in Chacraseca

Video segment showcasing our work with schools in Chacraseca, from a 2017 video produced by JustHope intern Miguel Ortega.

In Chacraseca, schools and families are often ill-equipped to give children quality education. Despite this, the many dedicated teachers in the community work tirelessly on behalf of their students. Often lacking sufficient supplies, such as books, textbooks, and paper, these teachers stretch all that they have to the best of their abilities on behalf of their students.

JustHope's education program has come alongside the children and teachers, expanding its efforts greatly in recent years. What started first with scholarships awarded to children grew to collections of books and supplies for donation to the schools.

This now includes solidarity visits by teacher from the U.S. These exchanges aim to develop the most effective practices and methodology in Chacraseca. They also share the teachers' inspiring adaptability with visitors from the U.S.

As American children return to school this month, don't forget the children in Chacraseca and La Flor. Give a backpack filled with supplies for $50.

Buy a Backpack for a Nicaraguan Student