Dear JustHope Supporters,

As the Honorary Chairs and Lead Sponsors of Wine for Water: Celebrating a Decade of Hope, we want to share a bit about why we have supported JustHope from the beginning. After working with Leslie for many years in Central America collaborating medical and dental missions, Leslie shared with us her dream to develop a nonprofit organization that would build relationships between North Americans and the people of Chacraseca, a community of impoverished subsistence farmers. She proposed an organization that would facilitate “relationship building” and working side by side with the community of Chacraseca on projects that had the potential to become sustainable and/or improve the quality of life for the community. We loved her vision, so with Jeff’s medical and my social work backgrounds, we were excited to take our participation to a whole new level and joined with Leslie in doing the visioning and start up work for what would become JustHope, Inc.

Leslie, Jeff and I are excited to celebrate 10 fantastic years of building relationships with the people of Nicaragua and specifically the community of Chacraseca. As founding board members and visionaries, Jeff and I are proud to be the honorary chairs as we celebrate 10 years of Leslie’s giving birth to and growing the organization into the unimaginable success that it is today.

Along with our exceptional partners in Nicaragua, North America, and Austria, we brought potable water to a community of families and sponsored hundreds of children in their youth, music and education programs. We brought microbanking to over 200 women, and supported the health and well-being of the community at large with medicine and medical care. The participation and imagination of our partners has exceeded our wildest dreams and we thank you all for your dreams, diligence, and continued support.

Wine for Water, JustHope's annual celebration and most important fundraising event, will be held October 12, 2017. We invite you to join us in moving closer to JustHope's incredible vision and commitment to the organization’s four core values: solidarity, sustainability, mutuality, and collaboration.

Ted Campbell and Jeff Beal

Ted Campbell & Jeff Beal
Honorary Chairs, Wine for Water: Celebrating a Decade of Hope

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