• The Ramirez-Lainez Family recently moved into their new house: "This new house is making a difference because now I feel safer."

  • The women of the Stitching Hope fabric art and sewing cooperative have new hope in the midst of struggle.

  • Patricia has wanted to be a musician for years. Her tenacity and the Cultural Center is making it possible.

  • Claribel and her family's lives have changed thanks to running water in their house.

  • Iliana maintains a hope that will not be deterred in the face of hardship. She says, "There is no impossible dream, you just have to make it come true."

  • Lesbia is a hard-working wife, mother, grandmother, and leader for Chacraseca, the community where she lives and where she was born. She says, "The satisfaction of being a leader is working hand by hand with my community."

  • Ilce, a teacher in Chacraseca, talks about the struggles of teaching during the pandemic and what she holds dear from JustHope's cultural exchange trips.

  • Dr. Sampson improves his quality of care with a new air compressor.

  • Cooking with Martha

    Martha shares the benefits of "green" stoves and her recipes for gallo pinto and tortillas.

  • Student Profile: Geycil

    Geycil is a 3rd year nursing student, juggling family, work, and school.

  • Nicolás's Coffee: "Growing, Improving and Being Better Each Day"

    Nicolás tends his coffee plantation, focusing on "growing, improving and being better each day."

  • COVID vaccine campaign runs at the clinic in Chacraseca for 2 days.

  • The 2021 Wine for Water fundraiser was an incredible success, thanks to your efforts.

  • The youth at the Cultural Center wrote a song to help bind the community together.

  • Urania Pérez loves doing labs as she studies Natural Science at university.

  • Come celebrate with us this Thursday eveing at Wine for Water 2021: Building Tomorrow Together.

  • The Wine for Water auction in now open for bids: Don't miss your chance!

  • Geissell uses her microloan to raise livestock both large and tiny.

  • Abi and Lynne show how collaboration works for teaching music across borders.

  • I am Saraí de Los Ángeles Cajina Romero, and I am 8 years old. I am in 2nd grade and I am from a small sector in the community of Chacraseca called La Concepción. JustHope's backpack scholarships are important to me because...

  • Elba, our Social Enterprise Coordinator, witnessed this act of kindness on the flooded roads of Chacraseca. “It was dangerous,” she says, because the water was deep. “But it was beautiful… a small act filled with kindness and solidarity.”

  • Maria prayed every day for a house and never gave up. Now, she and her husband and boys have a new home.

  • Wine for Water 2021: Building Tomorrow Together

    Register now for Wine for Water 2021: Building Tomorrow Together.

  • Stitching Hope and Quinceañera

    The women's sewing collective, Stitching Hope, takes on a variety of projects, including making quinceañera dresses.

  • On the Farm

    On the Model Farm, a field has just been planted with yuca. No, not "yucca". Yuca! Also known as cassava. Find out more about this tropical staple.

  • Valeria

    Valeria is a recent graduate with a degree in medical technology and is eager to put her knowledge and skills to work supporting her family and community in Chacraseca.

  • Nimia's House

    Last November, when a pair of hurricanes hit Chacraseca within two weeks of each other, Nimia’s house was flooded beyond repair. Learn about how her enterprising work is building her new home.

  • Maria's First Loan

    When faced with the prospect of signing for a loan, Maria Cristina Lopez had a problem...

  • Quick News is JustHope's new weekly news tidbit. In this inaugural issue, you can learn about how JustHope has supported a family from La Flor who welcomed triplets born this spring.