JustHope to Suspend Operations

December 14th 2022

Dear Friends of JustHope,

The JustHope Board of Directors has come to a difficult decision. We will be ending our current operations in Nicaragua effective December 31, 2022. This also means we will be laying off our staff in both Nicaragua and the United States. With sadness and deep gratitude, we thank them for their incredible commitment and effort on behalf of our partner communities.

What Do SIX Bikes and a Tractor Make?

May 21, 2011

ONE VERY HAPPY COMMUNITY! WOW... Jesus Guido has a new bicycle to ride to leadership meetings! And so does Hairo and four other community leaders in Chacraseca!


In response to our BICYCLES FOR LEADERS request, eight donor partners have purchased SIX bicycles for community leaders! And one of our non-profit partners has offered to provide four more bicycles for leaders (plus some for students)! NOW THAT'S PARTNERSHIP AT WORK!

AND, while we were collecting funds for the bicycles, a group of 270 farmers from the furthest sectors in Chacraseca sent representatives to us with an urgent request to help them buy a new tractor. Right now their only option for getting their fields ready to plant is to rent a tractor from someone in a nearby community. It's expensive, and they have to wait in a long line... often meaning they can't get their crops planted in time for the short spring growing season. Within days of sending out the request, a Solidarity Partner donated $4000 of the $5000 needed. So, trusting that together we WiLL raise the final $1000, JustHope sent $5000 to Chacraseca!


The tractor will be purchased on Monday... and by Tuesday the farmers will be preparing their fields! So... while they are plowing their fields, we will be raising the last $1000 for this tractor... AND beginning to gather funds to buy a second tractor for the 500 plus farmers who live in the other half of Chacraseca (a 50 square mile area) Wanna share?

What's Needed in Nicaragua:

Children's Shoes Soccer balls and baseballs, Latex gloves for clinic, Anti-biotic cream, IBProfin, aspirin, hydrocordison cream, Fans for the Peace House & Clinic, Office/School supplies: spiral notebooks, pens, scissors, rulers, copy paper; 3 ring binders.

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