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In Chacraseca, schools and families are often ill-equipped to give children quality education. Despite this, the many dedicated teachers in the community work tirelessly on behalf of their students. Often lacking sufficient supplies, such as books, textbooks, and paper, these teachers stretch all that they have to the best of their abilities on behalf of their students.

medical staff examines a child's ear

For one year, JustHope was unable to send medical or dental teams to Nicaragua (we are now booking trips again!), but that doesn’t mean that JustHope abandoned health programs in our partner communities. In this newsletter, we look at five critical health initiatives that continue and introduce you to a family who benefits from JustHope's health programs.

a US Partner group posing with a Nicaraguan family

In just a few days, JustHope will conduct its first official PartnerTrip of 2019 with a mixed group, including some board members, visiting our partner community of Chacraseca, Nicaragua. JustHope Founder Leslie Penrose and Director of Partnerships Marc St. Martin were in Nicaragua earlier in May to meet with community partners and found them eager to welcome old friends!