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schoolIn Santa Emilia we have 32 students ready to graduate in November! (School year in Nicaragua is Feb - Nov). Many of these students are in their 20's and 30's and have been waiting their whole adult life to be able to finish high school!

The school we opened last January has given them that chance! Every Sunday (the school is a Sunday only school because most students have to work six days a week)they walk miles to be able to attend classes... and do their homework late at night during the week after they've finished work. Many have had to choose each week to eat lunch or pay for school supplies.

But they've done it! And they are proud and excited beyond imagination! JustHope is hoping to help the students in their efforts to have a real graduation ceremony -- the cost will be $15 per student.

 to sponsor a Graduate- $15!

Email a message of congratulations to be read at their graduation celebration!


In Chacrasec there are 50 new women ready to join JustHope's micro-credit project! They have created their plans, made their budgets, and soon,mcwomen they'll be growing pigs or planting corn, or selling tortillas from their kitchens. This brings the number of women active in JustHope's micro-credit program to 110! Changing the future one woman at a time!


cornAfter getting her very first micro-credit loan to plant her small piece of land with corn, Rita is celebrating that she has harvested 100 sacks of corn! Enough for her to pay her loan, and still have a profit of 70 bags -- which will help feed her family all winter and buy seed corn for next year!


The tractor that JustHope donated in May for the farmers in Chacraseca,tractor has already helped 236 farmers clear, plow, and plant their fields! One farmer recently told us, "This is the first time in my life that I've planted my fields on time. Before I always had to wait until some other owner had finished their land and was willing to rent their tractor to me." And, in gratitude, every farmer has agreed to donate 10% of their crop the new Community Farmer's Market.

And most AMAZING of all....


THANK YOU to all JustHope's Donor Partners!

Join us!  Thursday, October 13, 2011


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Tickets are:  $50 in Advance or $60 at the door

To purchase online, use our paypal donate feature and send us an email to followup.

August 17, 2011 Making Music in Chacraseca

JustHope Partners, United Church of the Valley in Murietta, CA, continued their support of music education for children in Chacraseca by offering a Music Camp for the 4th year in a row!


Using traditional Nicaraguan folk music, sessions were offered teaching kids to sing and to play the recorder, the chimes, the guitar, the keyboard, the drums, and the marimba! (UCV has also donated instruments for to the schools for the kids to use). AND sessions were also offered to teach the Nicaraguan classroom teachers how to continue the learning by incorporating music into their teaching.



Two years ago, UCV began paying a music teacher so the children's exposure to music would be more than once a year. He's doing a great job...

And this year, students from past years' music camps were back -- teaching the younger kids!


Long term... these two global partners (UCV and Chacraseca) hope to develop a Music School in Chacraseca where youth and adults can learn to play instruments and do traditional Nicaraguan dancing.


YOU can help this growing music project...

$25 helps repair musical instruments

$50 buys recorders, guitars, drums, etc

$100 pays for a week of marimba lessons (a teacher travels from Managua)

Any amount will help grow the music program!

We are on our way to... Wine to Water IV

Save the Date - Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Here's the Tractor you bought!


The 270 farmers who share it are already planting their fields. They rent the tractor by the day and no single farmer has to bear the cost of owning their own tractor.

More Wow!

And here's the High School you helped start in Santa Emilia!


110 students from Santa Emilia and 100 from other communities are attending!