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Dear JustHope Supporter,

We are deeply saddened by the events of the past weeks and want to thank you for your understanding as we adapt to the changing landscape in Nicaragua. JustHope remains committed to the mission of creating global partnerships that combat extreme poverty and nurture sustainable community.

Samantha James Nicole Lighthouse
Samantha James and Nicole Lighthouse on a Global Health PartnerTrip to Chacraseca.

Medical students Nicole Lighthouse and Samantha James were inspired by JustHope’s Social Enterprise programs during a medical outreach trip to Chacraseca in May of 2016. They returned to school and conducted several fundraisers and education campaigns on-campus to raise funds for a microloan.

Dee Dee Jones and Julie Blake participated in a PartnerTrip with Federated Church of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, in November of 2017. We asked them to talk about their experience as first-timers to JustHope!

Federated Church group loading up at the airport
Federated Church group loading up at the airport.

Tell us a little about yourselves and how you learned about JustHope.

We have been interested in joining a trip with Leslie [Penrose, JustHope's founder] for many years. DeeDee has known Leslie and Steve for about 30 years and attended churches where Leslie was pastoring.

We both have always wanted to travel, but as educators, trips like this never fit into both of our schedules at the right time. We both retired from education, and the timing was perfect. We were both nervous, but really excited. Knowing of Leslie’s sustained work in Nicaragua, assured us we would be in good hands with JustHope.

What did you first think when you landed in Nicaragua?

We were excited and nervous to arrive in Managua, but the sight of