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Nicaragua has been in a state of civil unrest since anti-government protests began on April 18. This will be a Q & A session with a panel of distinguished guests, who aim to shed light on the current situation in Nicaragua and talk honestly about the long-term sustainability of JustHope's programs there. UPDATE: video of the discussion is available.

Dear JustHope Supporter,

At JustHope we use a simple question to help guide our planning, decision-making, and daily tasks: "How does what we are doing 'create global partnerships'?"

As Nicaraguans struggle for their democracy - with huge, peaceful demonstrations, difficult national dialogues, and occasional outbreaks of violence and rage - it's more critical than ever that JustHope intentionally examines our role. What does it mean for those of us in the United States to "create global partnerships" in the midst of Nicaragua's civil unrest and political turmoil? How do we honor our core values of Solidarity, Mutuality, Collaboration, and Sustainability as we accompany our Nicaraguan neighbors in this confusing and painful time? I offer some reflections grounded in JustHope's history and philosophy and invite you to share your thoughts as well.

Dear JustHope Supporter,

We are deeply saddened by the events of the past weeks and want to thank you for your understanding as we adapt to the changing landscape in Nicaragua. JustHope remains committed to the mission of creating global partnerships that combat extreme poverty and nurture sustainable community.

Samantha James Nicole Lighthouse
Samantha James and Nicole Lighthouse on a Global Health PartnerTrip to Chacraseca.

Medical students Nicole Lighthouse and Samantha James were inspired by JustHope’s Social Enterprise programs during a medical outreach trip to Chacraseca in May of 2016. They returned to school and conducted several fundraisers and education campaigns on-campus to raise funds for a microloan.