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Men Building a House

Travel Author and Advocate, Rick Steves, says "travel is a political act." Political because it "connects people with people. It helps us fit more comfortably and compatibly into a shrinking world. And it inspires creative new solutions to persistent problems facing our nation." Without travel, he argues,"we can't understand the interconnectedness of our world and how our nation fits in."*

This newsletter is full of ways you can engage in meaningful travel that both resists the global fear that threatens to imprison us all AND inspires us to find new solutions to our global problems. We hope you'll find a trip that fits your interests and skills, and join us in the 'politics' of connecting people to people toward understanding the interconnectedness of our world. 


Nica Trip

YOUR donations are working! In this week's newsletter, we break down some of the great accomplishments our JustHope Partners have helped us reach. In 2016, we were able to provide 500 elementary backpack scholarships, 13 university scholarships, along with the building and opening of a Cultural Center and so much more. All because of YOUR help! Also, in this e-newsletter:

  • Learn how you can give a monthly gift.
  • Interested in JustHope presenting to your group? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a date!
  • And we are still looking for summer interns.

Julio - JustHope's longest employee - is now JustHope's Lead Translator

Julio Delgado, JustHope's longest employee, is excited to transition to a new Lead Translator position where he can not only do his favorite work - translating - but can help JustHope develop and enhance our Medical Rotation program. Also, in this e-newsletter:

  • Read about our newest staff, Juan Bautista and Orlando Morales.
  • Follow up with the recent annual summit among various development groups and the Chacraseca leadership.
  • And we still need educational scholarships, physicians, and summer interns.

We'd like to introduce Juan Bautista and Orlando!


Juan Bautista Morales, JustHope's Partnership Director

Juan Bautista Morales is JustHope's new Partnership Director. Juan is excited to have a job that will give him the opportunity to engage in his life's passion of helping others experience first-hand the opportunities and the responsibilities of international collaboration and cross-cultural understanding.

Juan is a native of Managua, Nicaragua, but also spent several years living in Guatemala and in the United States, where Juan not only learned to speak great English, but developed a deep sense that he is not just a citizen or resident of one country, but is a "global citizen." His background in psychology and public health have provided him multiple opportunities to work for organizations such as International Development Research Centre of Canada, and Nutrition Institute de Central America in areas of international relations and sustainable development.

Francisco can't wait for school to start.

Francisco is 8 years old and he can’t wait for school to start in early February! He couldn’t go last year because, with an average income of just $2 a day, the family of five struggle just to put food on the table. They can’t make funds stretch far enough for pencils or shoes. But this year, Francisco will have one of the JustHope back-pack scholarships &mdash a brand new backpack with a school uniform inside! And socks and shoes… and all the supplies he needs to start the year! So will 300 other students, with 200 still on the waiting list.

See what you did with just $50!