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Building a Green Stove

An average family burns an entire small tree in less than two weeks. That times 1,500,000 or so families in Nicaragua, equals a LOT of trees. Nicaragua's response has been to outlaw cutting down trees, so now poor families have to buy the wood for their fires.

It's become an environmental AND an economical crisis!

Several JustHope Partners are building "green" (ecological) stoves in La Flor and Chacraseca to help reduce both the expense of cooking and the deforestation its causing.  


New Leadership

Both La Flor and Chacraseca have processes in place to elect new leaders every two years. And in Chacraseca those bi-annual elections just happened! JustHope offers a big WELCOME to the new "Comite" (a short term we use for the Board of Directors of the community) in Chacraseca!

As the new leaders move into place, JustHope will be negotiating a new "Partnership Agreement" with them to lay out the ways in which we will work together to promote Health, Education, Agriculture, and Social Enterprise in Chacraseca... and the methods we will use to insure our collaboration continues to be grounded in mutual respect and trust.

Each of these leaders is entrusted by their peers with the responsibility for active, engaged community organizing on behalf of the 9000 residents of Chacraseca. That means long hours every day visiting in their neighborhoods, attending meetings (often several miles away), advocating with government officials for better services, and facilitating effective, sustainable partnerships with their North American partners. All of it is volunteer, and they often have to pay their own expenses for transportation and supplies.


Kids with Moringa Tree

What's Moringa? A "miracle" tree from Africa that's improving health and nutrition around the world. Every part of the Moringa tree can be used for consumption or production, making it part of the "miracle" of transforming farming in Chacraseca into a viable, sustainable way of living.

Check out this week's newsletter to learn more about the Moringa tree and how it's a great solution for our Model Farm partners. 


Men Building a House

Travel Author and Advocate, Rick Steves, says "travel is a political act." Political because it "connects people with people. It helps us fit more comfortably and compatibly into a shrinking world. And it inspires creative new solutions to persistent problems facing our nation." Without travel, he argues,"we can't understand the interconnectedness of our world and how our nation fits in."*

This newsletter is full of ways you can engage in meaningful travel that both resists the global fear that threatens to imprison us all AND inspires us to find new solutions to our global problems. We hope you'll find a trip that fits your interests and skills, and join us in the 'politics' of connecting people to people toward understanding the interconnectedness of our world. 


Nica Trip

YOUR donations are working! In this week's newsletter, we break down some of the great accomplishments our JustHope Partners have helped us reach. In 2016, we were able to provide 500 elementary backpack scholarships, 13 university scholarships, along with the building and opening of a Cultural Center and so much more. All because of YOUR help! Also, in this e-newsletter:

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