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I remember the first time I visited Chacraseca in 1998 - the summer before Hurricane Mitch hit. It was a very different community than it is today. The only buildings in the central area were the church and a little storage room where our groups rolled out our sleeping bags at night. And after Hurricane Mitch hit Chacraseca in October of '98, things got even worse - roads were impassable, schools were unusable, crops were destroyed, and hundreds of the 5,000-6,000 residents of Chacraseca were left to construct small lean-to houses, made of plastic tarps...


Dear JustHope Partners and Friends, 

It is with heartfelt appreciation for her years of service that the Board of Directors announces the retirement of Leslie Penrose, founder and Executive Director of JustHope, as of September 1, 2017. Leslie has graciously included all of us in her dreams and vision for partnering with monetarily poor but spiritually rich communities in Nicaragua. We have all been changed by the relationships we’ve built and the progress that we’ve been part of on this journey.  
The Board and staff have been studying and preparing for this transition for the past year and a half. Through Leslie’s example and working with our partners in Nicaragua, we have internalized the core values of JustHope: solidarity, sustainability, mutuality, and collaboration. Those values will guide our search for the right individual to lead this organization into the next chapter.

JustHope is the dream of one that has become the vision of many. Together as partners we form a strong shell to nurture and grow the organization in this time of transition. We are positioned to emerge into a new phase of exciting possibilities, but we must all care for and support the vision with our time, talents, and resources.
Please celebrate Leslie’s retirement by recommitting yourself to JustHope. We hope you will join us as we honor Leslie’s legacy at this year’s Wine for Water: A Decade of Hope on October 12, 2017!

Mary Huckabee
JustHope Board of Directors

Dear Friends and Partners in Hope, 

“To think that one small heart can experience so much, oh God, so much suffering and so much love. I am so grateful to You, for having chosen my heart, in these times, to experience all the things it has experienced.” - Etty Hillesum

This quote captures far better than my own words can, the mixture of profound joy, deep gratitude, and a bit of tender sorrow that I feel as I share with you that as of August 31, I am retiring as the Executive Director of JustHope. As that time approaches, I wanted to personally share the “what’s next” with you – what’s next for me and what’s next for JustHope!
But first I both want and need to reflect just a moment…The journey of birthing and nurturing JustHope over the last ten years has been an incredible blessing. I often remark to people that because of both luck and privilege, I am one of a few who has been able to do exactly what I wanted to do in my life and career – THREE TIMES! First as a Youth Director where for ten years I was privileged to share the ‘growing up’ journey with some of the most incredible young people in the world. Second, as the founding pastor of Community of Hope, a journey of life, even into death, and hope that was so holy I still have no words to express it. And finally, as the Founder and Executive Director of JustHope, where I have been entrusted with the honor of accompanying stubborn hope and risky solidarity in the hard work of giving dreams real hands and feet.  Throughout that 40 years and those various ministry settings, Nicaragua has been my place of respite and inspiration; and you have been my partners in hope! So, before anything else, I want to say “thank you!”
So, I’m retiring! As of September 1, I will no longer be the Executive Director of JustHope – no more budgets to build or board meetings to attend; no more HR manuals to write or insurance issues to resolve! BUT - don’t be picturing any rocking chairs in my future (well, except for the ones on the Peace House porch!) because, while I AM ready to give up the administrative duties of being Executive Director, I am NOT ready to stop nurturing dreams or fostering hope, and I’m certainly not ready to give up my love of Nicaragua or my connection to JustHope’s mission there. So, knowing that, the Board of Directors, has invited me to explore with them and the new Executive Director --(No, the Board has not completed the Search Process yet) -- what it might look like to live into an unofficial, unsalaried role as “Founder.”   
None of that is defined yet…but I expect it will be a “grandmothering” kind of role, where INBETWEEN lots of visits with our grandkids, and some long awaited road trips with Steve, and time to reconnect and share “three cups of tea” (or wine) with old friends, I can work around the edges to explore some new partnerships for JustHope and encourage some new dreamers and donors -- maybe even lead a trip now and then, or plant a tree at the model farm! The future is filled with possibilities, all yet to be discovered.
But for now, the critical work of accompanying hope and transforming lives continues. And, therefore, I have one more request to make. JustHope’s future is bright and wide open with possibilities…but it’s also fragile. Transitions are never easy and the transition from Founder to Future is especially difficult. So in honor of the years that I have invested in both JustHope, and Nicaragua, JustHope’s Board of Directors is establishing a “Sustainability Fund” to insure that JustHope has the financial foundation it needs to negotiate this transition safely and well.  We have a brilliant and effective staff, both in the US and in Nicaragua, but even a small dip in donor support puts them at risk.  We have some amazing and promising programs in the infancy stages, such as the Cultural Center, our Education Enrichment program, and our Model Farm, but without steady, stable donor support (and a little “fail forward” pot that makes it possible to take a risk now and then) those programs won’t be there to accompany our Nicaraguan partners in their dream of sustainable lives.   
So, I’m asking you to join the Board in funding this pathway for JustHope to move confidently and courageously through the next two years to claim it’s Future. You can donate here or send a check directly to JustHope.  
Thank you, my dear friends, for all that our hearts have experienced together. I look forward to all that is yet to be!  
In Gratitude and Hope,
Leslie Penrose
Founder and Executive Director

The Clinic

JustHope Partners are collaborating to remodel the community clinic in Chacraseca.

The community clinic in Chacraseca, Nicaragua was originally constructed in the early 90's by volunteer mission organizations. Since then, limited resources and the need for more space has resulted in several sub-standard expansions and "re-muddles" leaving it over-crowded and deteriorating.