In Stitches: Center for Liturgical Arts

While Brenda Grauer has retired In Stitches as a business, Stitching Hope remains a growing business for women in Chacraseca.

Celebration-KidsStoleIn 2011, Brenda Grauer, founder of In Stitches, began her journey and partnership with the women of what is now Stitching Hope.

This partnership began with mentoring these women in liturgical art design, teaching them advanced fabric art techniques, and partnering with them in overcoming the unimaginable obstacles they face in developing a creative, growing, and sustainable enterprise that will help them feed their families.

Because there are few marketing opportunities in Nicaragua, the second most impoverished nation in the western hemisphere, the women of Stitching Hope and In Stitches: Center for Liturgical Art are partnering to bring this beautiful art to churches around the world.