Chacraseca Cultural Center

marimba lessons at the cultural center

Cultural traditions and art are often the first things lost when a community struggles with persistent poverty, depriving young people of a sense of identity and belonging. This, in turn, puts youth at higher risk of gang involvement, drug use, and dropping out of high school.

  • Baseball
  • Marimba Player
  • Dancers
  • Ukelele Players

In Chacraseca, teachers, youth, and community leaders are joining together to resist the slow erosion of their culture that puts their young people at risk by reclaiming the traditional music, dance and art that have shaped and defined Nicaragua's history.

Ricardo is from Chacraseca and is currently studying to become a doctor at the University of León. He serves as a tutor and folkdance instructor for Chacraseca's at-risk youth. "Since I was a child, I have wanted to be an examples for the youth in my community. I feel proud to be from where I am and I feel that my roots will help me to be a great person."

JustHope is proud to partner with the Chacraseca community in realizing their dream of establishing a Cultural Center. The Center supports meaningful training and performance in culture, arts, leadership, entrepreneurial and social skills to drive development within the community of Chacraseca. This environment is created by delivering awareness- and training-based workshops to increase skills within youth groups and create a community of acceptance.

The Center cultivates and strengthens the traditions of Nicaragua’s cultural expression, while also contributing to a brighter future for the people of this region.