JustHope supports our Nicaraguan partner communities in the following programming areas.

Women in Nicaragua cannot access traditional loans without presenting significant assets for collateral and, traditionally, Nicaraguan women do not own such assets. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for them to get seed capital to start their own businesses and supplemental capital to continue to grow them. JustHope’s Microcredit Coordinator explains, “What we want is that women have the resources to live their lives without depending on other people.”


Creating jobs and opportunities for economic development is the primary way that JustHope lives into our mission of "combating extreme poverty." We believe that every person has a right to work, and our experience shows that meaningful work not only helps people meet basic needs, it increases one's sense of dignity.

JustHope’s Social Enterprise programs focus on creating a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation that cultivates inclusive and diversified economies in our partner communities. We do this primarily through supporting small business ventures and through microcredit lending banks.

In 2018, JustHope...

  • Maintained 14 microbanks, providing loans to 157 people.
    clipart of a building with pillars and a dollar sign
  • clipart of a store front with large display window

    Supported the Chacraseca Hardware Store in serving an average of 200 people per week.

    ...And the La Flor Community Store.

  • Kept the Stitching Hope Cooperative going, employing 5 women.
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    Sold Nicaraguan artisan goods, such as pottery by the Lopez Family and Stitching Hope items, at events in the U.S.

Our Social Enterprise Projects