Dental Hygiene

dental hygiene student performs a cleaning on a child in a large room with other children receiving cleanings in the background

Even though totally preventable, tooth decay is one of the most common chronic diseases in Nicaragua. Understandably, rural areas have especially limited access to dental hygiene education and timely, thorough treatment of dental concerns. JustHope supports Chacraseca’s dentist, Dr. Sampson, on an on-going basis by providing dental supplies for use in the Chacraseca Clinic.

In 2012, the clinic was outfitted with all new dental equipment thanks to JustHope partners in Arizona and Tulsa, and the Chacraseca Clinic remodel in 2017 included building and furnishing a room for Dr. Sampson.

In addition, Dental Hygiene students from Tulsa Community College go to La Flor to do service-learning projects each year. While there, they perform dental exams and cleanings as well as go into classrooms to teach children about proper dental hygiene. Read this 2011 article to learn more about the students’ experiences as a part of a JustHope Service-Learning trip.