Stitching Hope

Stitching Hope is a women's fabric art and sewing cooperative in Chacraseca, Nicaragua. In 2011, a group of creative women, in partnership with JustHope and the founding partner, Federated Church of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, began developing the enterprise.

Along with creating jobs and enabling women to work toward their own goals and dreams, Stitching Hope provides training for the women, equipping them with the business and financial tools they will need to market their products and run their business.

These aspiring women are contributing to their meager family incomes, and are hopeful that the work of their hands will contribute color, texture, and creative energy to their world and to the world at large.

the entrance to the stitching hope center in Chacraseca

Five goals of Stitching Hope

  1. provide opportunity for up to 30 women per center to work part time creating fabric art items and/or sewing items for export/local sales; provide additional jobs for an administrator and night guards
  2. provide training for women in financial and business management
  3. provide women a place to gather and engage in creative thinking and expression
  4. provide capital for other women-focused projects
  5. empower women; increase self-esteem and deepen women’s sense of self-worth, dignity, and capacity.

Visit the JustHope store to see some of their beautiful work.