Faith-Based Partner Communities

JustHope supports and nurtures several styles of partnership. Each style has its own level of commitment and type of participation; but all of them begin with the recognition that although one’s partner may not be an “equal” in wealth, power, or access to opportunity, or may not be an “equal” in spiritual depth or the capacity for hope, they are of equal value and have equal rights to dignity, respect, and human flourishing.

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United Church of the Valley & Chacraseca, Nicaragua

United Church of the Valley Community House

UCV is a vital and growing progressive congregation in the Temecula Valley of Southern California. The project focus of this Covenant Partnership is music education for the children of Chacraseca, aimed at helping them reconnect with Nicaragua's rich tradition of folk music. 

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Ktizo UCC & LaFlor, Nicaragua

TeamFriendsLaFlor2011In 2009 Church of the Beatitudes of Phoenix, Arizona, established a Covenant Partnership with JustHope. They were a vibrant, diverse, progressive community of faith who partnered with a small, isolated Nicaraguan community called La Flor. 

In 2011, Ktizo was birthed from Beatitudes and assumed the partnership. 

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Messiah Community Church, ELCA, Denver

This partnership was formed in 2010. Messiah piloted the 20 Women of Hope project in 2012, which they have continued to support ever since. They also support microcredit projects and the Dreaming Together Hardware Store. We excitedly anticipate the future journey of this partnership.

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