JustHope supports our Nicaraguan partner communities in the following programming areas.
  • Social Enterprise (5)

    Creating jobs and opportunities for economic development is the primary way that JustHope lives into our value of "combating extreme poverty." We believe that every person has a right to work, and our experience shows that meaningful work not only helps people meet basic needs, it increases one's sense of dignity.

    • Artisan Support (1)

      JustHope supports indigenous artists, as opportunities arise, in an effort to "keep the arts alive" through times of extreme poverty. Historically, it is one of the first things to go when a community is faced with this level of poverty, and the additional challenges presented by globalization make the situation even more challenging than it has been in the past. There are serious social ramifications (depression, loss of sense of identity...) when a culture is stripped of its native art. We hope you enjoy the stories of the artists below.


  • Education (5)

    JustHope partners provide scholarships to children, youths and college students in La Flor and Chacraseca. We have also remodeled a community dormitory in León that houses women attending college on scholarship--Beca House.

  • Health (5)

    JustHope collaborates with Chacraseca, Santa Emilia and LaFlor on a variety of projects that benefit community needs, including clean water, the Chacraseca Health Clinic, and housing.

  • Agriculture (1)

    Small farmers produce much of the developing world’s food yet they are significantly poorer and less food secure than surrounding populations. Addressing poverty and food security therefore entails confronting the problems faced by these farmers in their daily struggle for survival.

    At JustHope, we consider sustainable agriculture to be a solution to the harsh food insecurity and climate change conditions our partner communities face. Our work in agriculture is aimed at strengthening the resilience of smallholder farmers through providing appropriate technologies for improved production, through the implementation of systems such as permaculture, and through climate smart agriculture.

    JustHope’s unique and holistic program models confront the fundamental struggles of
    1. food insecurity and malnutrition,
    2. agricultural volatility and environmental degradation, and
    3. poverty and underemployment.