Chacraseca Clinic Project


Baby Lizbeth was just 8 days old when the scorpion stung her. Normally, a scorpion sting hurts and can cause dizziness, numbness, and nausea. But Lizbeth was so small and so young that the sting site immediately swelled up and her heart started racing.

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Chacraseca Clean Water Project

old man digging

Clean Water…it seems so simple. We have access to it in our sinks, our showers, our garden hoses, even in our toilets! But in Chacraseca clean water is a fragile, precious luxury...

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Bricks of JustHope


Several JustHope partners are building new, small but safe houses for the homeless and nearly homeless families of Chacraseca and Santa Emilia.  The partners provide the funding for the home ($3,500) and then work side-by-side with the family who will live there. 

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