Chacraseca Clinic Project


Baby Lizbeth was just 8 days old when the scorpion stung her. Normally, a scorpion sting hurts and can cause dizziness, numbness, and nausea. But Lizbeth was so small and so young that the sting site immediately swelled up and her heart started racing.

Her little body was covered in sweat and she started having difficulty breathing. Fortunately for Lizbeth, the clinic was open and her mom made the 20 minute walk in half the normal time. Dr. Daisy responded immediately, starting an IV in her tiny arm and positioning her in a way that helped her breath. After offering the emergency treatment, Dr. Daisy arranged for the community pickup to take Lizbeth to the Leon Hospital. She recovered nicely. Because there was a clinic, a doctor, medications, and a community “ambulance” available, little Lizbeth is fine. Without it, she may not have survived.

The average income in Chacraseca, Nicaragua is $1 per day per family and without the small clinic supported by JustHope, access to affordable health care would be impossible for most of the community.


The Chacraseca Clinic Support provides funds for some of the staff, medications for the community, and funding for the doctors and nurses to make visits to every sector every month! This project also pays for the operations of the clinic including utilities, maintenance, and an ambulance. 


In 2012, JustHope finalized a partnership with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health (MINSA) to establish a small laboratory within the clinic. MINSA provides a lab tech to this small - but vital - laboratory. JustHope partners have provided the building, equipment, and supplies. 

The hope of JustHope’s Medicos in Solidarity group and other clinic partners is to improve the basic equipment in the clinic, increase the funding for medications and emergency procedures, work with the community to explore ways that alternatives to medication can improve health, and provide training and support for a “health brigade” of volunteer support. AND since many of the 1,500 families in Chacraseca live more than five miles from the clinic, and walking is the only form of transportation, we also hope eventually to open a “satellite clinic” in one of the outlying sectors staffed by a part-time physician at least two days a week. 

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Support our clinic efforts by making a tax-deductible contribution below. A contribution of $50 provides an entire week's medication or provides one day of heathcare for the people of Chacraseca.