Social Enterprise

Creating jobs and opportunities for economic development is the primary way that JustHope lives into our value of "combating extreme poverty." We believe that every person has a right to work, and our experience shows that meaningful work not only helps people meet basic needs, it increases one's sense of dignity.

Stitching Hope


Stitching Hope is a women's fabric art and sewing cooperative in Chacraseca, Nicaragua. In 2011, a group of creative women, in partnership with JustHope and the founding partner, began developing the enterprise.

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La Flor's Community Store

comunidadLa Flor means "the flower" and the beauty of the area is true to the name. La Flor is a small community situated at the top of a mountain in Nicaragua’s cloud forest. 

But life in La Flor is a challenge.

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A Tractor to Share

tractorA group of 270 farmers from the furthest sectors in Chacraseca sent representatives to us with an urgent request to help them buy a new tractor. 

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The Lopez Family Potters


JustHope has been visiting the potters' village, San Juan de Oriente, for several years. Over these years, a friendship and partnersip was formed with the Lopez family potters, Cándida, Fanor, Isaias, and Leandro. 

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