Though JustHope is not primarily a "mission trip" organization, we do connect our North American partners with our Nicaraguan partners through trips. Trips are sponsored by one of our North American partners, who commit to engaging with Nicaraguan communities according to JustHope's core values: solidarity, sustainability, mutuality and collaboration. Each group chooses a project to work on in line with the needs of the Nicaraguan community (as that community has determined), but the primary goal of each trip is to build relationships rather than to complete projects.

  • This boy made my day. It was our last clinic day and by this time I was able to explain the importance of and when to brush teeth pretty well in Spanish. While I was explaining brushing to him during his cleaning he would occasionally giggle at me. I thought that maybe it was because I wasn’t pronouncing certain words right. After his cleaning I wanted to make sure that the boy understood, so I called over the interpreter to ask him, "How many times a day do you brush your teeth?" He replied, "Two." I couldn’t believe that he spoke English. He laughed at the astonishment on my face. I then asked, “So you could speak English this whole time?!” He said, “More or less.” We all laughed.
    image Lacey Powell Tulsa Community College, Dental Hygiene Program
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