Participant Information

Information that JustHope Needs from Participants

Participants must complete the following and return them to JustHope no later than 60 days before their scheduled trip. Without this completed paperwork, participants cannot attend the trip.

Trip Registration

If you have not already registered, find your trip here, click on it and follow the instructions to register online.

JustHope Agreement, Medical Release, and Waiver

Download the PDF form. Power of a Nickel participants must use this version. We prefer that you type in the necessary information within the form (so we don't have decipher handwriting). Using Adobe Acrobat Reader, you and your witnesses can easily add electronic signatures and email the form to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or upload it securely here. Or you can print out the form, sign it by hand, and mail it to JustHope, PO Box 4542, Tulsa, OK 74159.


A copy of your passport (just the page that shows your photo and information). Message a photo of it on your phone to 918-932-3209, or scan and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or upload it securely here, or mail a photocopy (black and white is OK) to JustHope, PO Box 4542, Tulsa, OK 74159. Your passport must be valid (unexpired) for the duration of your trip.

Trip Fee Payment

If you have not completed your trip fee payment, please send your payment, noting which trip you are on (name or dates) and who the payment is for (if your name is not on the payment account). You may pay using a credit card (PayPal) here. Or mail your check to JustHope, PO Box 4542, Tulsa, OK 74159. If you are not sure how much your trip fee is, you can find it on your specific trip's information page.

Flight Information

You will need to let us know your flight information using this online form.

Physician Credentialing

Attending doctors (MD, DO, PharmD, etc.) and PAs (not DNPs, CNPs or RNs) on medical teams will need to provide notarized credentials no later than two months before the trip in order to be considered "practicing" in Nicaragua. See more information.

Information for Participants

JustHope's refund and cancellation policy.

Information Packet containing history and statistics about Nicaragua and JustHope's partner communities, as well as JustHope as an organization. Be sure to read this before your trip.

Travel and Arrival Information - This document contains vital information for all participants. Please read it and print two copies - one to leave with someone at home and one to take with you.

Packing List for non-medical trips, and for medical trips. Don't forget something you wish you had!

Though not required by JustHope, we encourage participants to register with the U.S. Department of State's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. When doing this, you'll need to have an address in Nicaragua. Use one of the following:

    • Most non-medical groups: La Casa de Paz, Chacraseca, León, Nicaragua
      Most Medical groups: Hotel San Juan de León, León, Nicaragua
      If your group is going to La Flor: Best Western Las Mercedes, Managua, Nicaragua
      If you aren’t sure what address to use, use the JustHope office address: JustHope, 25 metros arriba de PetroNic San Juan, León, Nicaragua
  • Also, to ensure that you are covered for any medical care that you may need while traveling, we encourage participants to purchase traveler's medical and evacuation insurance, which has very reasonable costs. To help find appropriate travel insurance, visit

    Tropical Disease Information

    We encourage you to read the Center for Disease Control's latest travel information about Nicaragua.

    As of 29 January 2016, there have been a few reported infections of the mosquito-borne virus Zika in Nicaragua, including in León, near to JustHope's partner community of Chacraseca. Women who might be pregnant and partners of pregnant women should consider the risks carefully. The article Keep Calm and Travel On: Why Most Travelers Shouldn't Let The Zika Virus Derail Their Travel Plans offers some good perspective on this rapidly spreading virus.

    Regardless of the risk of Zika virus, chikungunya and dengue fevers are an ever-present concern so use of DEET mosquito repellent and other mosquito bite prevention strategies are important and highly effective safety precautions. (Malaria is not endemic to our partner communities.) There is no need to avoid travel to Nicaragua, but there is a need to be informed and prepared.

    JustHope's experience has been that no PartnerTrip participants have contracted chikungunya, dengue, malaria, or Zika, which we attribute to diligent use of DEET mosquito repellent and other prevention strategies (long sleeves/pants, netting, etc.).

    Regarding DEET mosquito repellent, we do not recommend 100% DEET, as that is such a high concentration that it is easily over applied to no greater benefit. Repellents with under 50% DEET are ideal. More information about DEET itself is available from the CDC.

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