Our Strategies

Our primary strategies for accomplishing our mission include:

  • Providing resources and leadership support for the creation and nurture of global partnerships;
  • Organizing and leading educational and partner development trips for US groups to other countries;
  • Providing resources and leadership support to US groups for theological reflection and social analysis before, during, and after exploratory trips; and as the partnership grows and develops;
  • Offering seminars, presentations, and group studies to educate US groups and individuals about the theory and practice of non-colonial global partnerships;
  • Organizing and coordinating a viable networking structure for partnership groups;
  • Sponsoring projects in global communities that support capacity-building toward self-sufficiency and sustainable community life.
  • Support and encourage leadership in Central American communities that represents the whole community; that is not politically, religiously or corporation based; and that is gender equal (at least 50% women).