Faith-Based Partners

JustHope supports several styles of partnership, each with its own level of commitment and type of participation. But all of them begin with the recognition that although one’s partner may not be “equal” in wealth, power, or access to opportunity, or may not be “equal” in spiritual depth or the capacity for hope, they are of equal value and have equal rights to dignity, respect, and human flourishing.

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College Hill's mission to build an inclusive community of faith, recieve and openly share the love of God, and reach out with a ccompassionate voice for peace and justice, fits perfectly in a partnership with JustHope and our friends and partners in Nicaragua.

This partnership was formed in 2010. Messiah piloted the 20 Women of Hope project in 2012, which they have continued to support ever since. They also support microcredit projects and the Dreaming Together Hardware Store. We excitedly anticipate the future journey of this partnership.

BuildingHomePartridge Community Church, an Exploring Partner, works with the community of Santa Emilia on community projects based on the needs of the community, as prioritized by community leaders. In the past their support has included building houses, building a school cafeteria, clinic support, microcredit support, and sewing lessons.

First Christian, whose history includes work in the abolitionist movement, is an Exploring Partner with JustHope. First Church's exploring relationship with Chacraseca began when their pastor participated in a global immersion trip with Phillips Seminary. They took the lead in a collaborative effort to build and sustain a small laboratory in Chacraseca's clinic.


In 2009, Ktizo Church (formerly the Church of the Beatitudes, Phoenix) — a vibrant, diverse, progressive community of faith — established a Covenant Partnership with La Flor, a small, isolated Nicaraguan community.

United Church of the Valley Community House

UCV is a vital and growing progressive congregation in the Temecula Valley of Southern California. The project focus of this Covenant Partnership is music education for the children of Chacraseca, aimed at helping them reconnect with Nicaragua's rich tradition of folk music. 

The partnership started in 2004 when the Association churches joined together to raise $5,000 to start a microenterprise bank for the small farmers in Chacreseca. The difficulties of sustaining family farms is something Oklahomans understand all too well; and this partnership is rooted in the shared experience of nurturing new life from tiny seeds. JustHope has now engaged the Oklahoma churches in other life-sustaining projects— clean water, microenterprise, sewing cooperatives, and community bakeries.