Improving access to and quality of education has been a primary goal of the leaders in our partner communities. JustHope’s education programs focus on ensuring an inclusive and quality education that promotes life-long learning. Our programs are diverse, ranging from initiatives that support students in attending classes to creating more vibrant learning environments inside and outside the classroom.

Through our programs, we support families, students, teachers, and schools by providing experiences where individuals develop the skills needed to pursue steady employment and make healthy life decisions. JustHope’s scholarship program (link) removes barriers to enrolling in and attending classes. As a result of this initiative, attendance rates in our partner communities steadily increase, allowing for JustHope to broaden its programmatic focus and impulse activities that enrich learning.

JustHope creates vibrant learning environments within schools by implementing Entrepreneurial School (link) and Teacher Leadership programs (link) in addition to equipping teachers with didactic materials and resources needed to enhance their lessons. Outside of the classroom, JustHope offers a number of programs through the Cultural Center (link) that focus on experiential education for personal development and community engagement.

In 2017...

  • 12 university students were given full scholarships to pursue studies which included over 24 hours of professional development workshops provided by JustHope staff
  • 300 primary school students were given a material scholarship to ensure they had access to basic supplies and tools to successfully start the school year
  • 100 hours of dance classes and workshops were offered in the Cultural Center
  • 25 cultural dance performances
  • 192 music classes and 2 intensive music camps were offered in 2017
  • JH hosted 8 interns from the United States, providing each intern with experiences to challenge and deepen their global understanding and foster professional development 13 schools received resource crates containing non-consumable didactic learning materials, 85% of teachers were observed utilizing the tools provided in these crates to fortify their lessons
  • 35% of schools in Chacraseca started a small, school-run business as part of the Entrepreneurial School program that provided experiential learning for students and nominal funding to cover costs of basic resource needs in the schools
  • Monthly leadership development workshops and professional peer-mentoring opportunities for teachers

  • Baseball
  • Marimba Player
  • Dancers
  • Ukelele Players
Cultural traditions and art are often the first things lost when a community struggles with persistent poverty, depriving young people of a sense of identity and belonging. This, in turn, puts youth at higher risk of gang involvement, drug use, and dropping out of high school.

JustHope partners provide scholarships for primary school children and college students from our partner communities.

In 2010, Glenis Beatriz Martinez Mungia, from the Boca de Cantero sector in Chac­raseca, started taking classes in Business Admin­istr­ation at a local univer­sity. Her family all worked hard to help cover the costs, but there simply were't enough resources to put food on the table and pay for school. Glenis had to quit she thought her dream was over. Then 20 women came together to change that.

Santa Emilia has a Primary School that goes through the 6th grade. However, going to High School has been a challenge for young people in Santa Emilia. There was no High School within the community.

The "Beca House" is a house that was gifted to the community of Chacraseca, Nicaragua, which they have chosen to use as a dorm for young women from poor communities who are going to college on becas (scholarships). It is now a wonderful resource, that houses between 6 and 12 women each semester. After a few years of partner support with upkeep and maintenance, it is now fully self-sustaining!