Nicaraguan Partners

JustHope partners with two communities in Nicaragua: Chacraseca, a coastal farming town, and La Flor, a mountain coffee-growing village. Following our Core Values, we focus solely on these communities where we have built relationships for years.

Above Santa Emilia, atop one of the rainforest mountains, lies the community of La Flor. There, 82 families are trying their best to make a living often without electricity, clean water, and health or social services.

Chacraseca is a 49-square mile farming community just east of León, near the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Most of the 8,000 residents in Chacraseca are subsistence farmers, averaging less than $2 per day per family in income. Life is lived constantly on the edge, but rather than despair, the community has chosen to organize to work together to realize their dreams for a better life for all.