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January 2021 Newsletter

11 January 2021

a scarecrow-like effigy waiting to burn away the old year past

JustHope companions to kick off the new year with a bang on January 14. Plus, a favorite memory and highlights from our social media feed.

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A Year of Paradoxes

23 December 2020

JustHope's staff in Nicaragua sending their holiday greetings.

This was a year of paradoxes. At times in 2020, JustHope’s global partners felt more distant than ever. From cancelled trips to social distancing, we struggled to imagine how we...

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December 2020 Newsletter

07 December 2020

the outside of the ferretería y tienda (hardware and general store) in Chacraseca

Hurricanes Eta and Iota cause damage to homes, schools, roads, bridges, water systems, and crops in Chacraseca and La Flor. Review of 2020 and Wine for Water.

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