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Quick News #22: Dr. Sampson's New Compressor

30 November 2021

Dr. Sampson, wearing scrubs and a surgical mask, kneels beside the new dental air compressor

Dr. Sampson improves his quality of care with a new air compressor.

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Quick News, Issue 21

23 November 2021

Martha stands beside a large, concrete stove stirring a pot

Cooking with Martha

Martha shares the benefits of "green" stoves and her recipes for gallo pinto and tortillas.

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Quick News, Issue 20

16 November 2021

Geycil, with long dark hair and dressed in a pink blouse

Student Profile: Geycil

Geycil is a 3rd year nursing student, juggling family, work, and school.

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JustHope Seeks Executive Director

15 November 2021

The Board of Directors is seeking an Executive Director to lead JustHope in fulfilling its mission to foster cultural understanding by creating mutually beneficial partnerships between communities in...

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Quick News, Issue 19

09 November 2021

Nicolás stands in front of two coffee plants, each roughly 8-10 feet tall

Nicolás's Coffee: "Growing, Improving and Being Better Each Day"

Nicolás tends his coffee plantation, focusing on "growing, improving and being better each day."

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Quick News, Issue 18

02 November 2021

Children and mothers wearing protective masks wait in line outside the clinic. A Nicaraguan flag hangs on the wall behind them.

COVID vaccine campaign runs at the clinic in Chacraseca for 2 days.

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Quick News, Issue 17

26 October 2021

A sun with rays shining out behind the words, Building Tomorrow Together. A progress bar indicates 68% of the goal of $80,000 has been reached.

The 2021 Wine for Water fundraiser was an incredible success, thanks to your efforts.

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Quick News, Issue 16

19 October 2021

A young woman stands behind a marimba

The youth at the Cultural Center wrote a song to help bind the community together.

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Quick News, Issue 15

13 October 2021

a woman dressed in a white lab coat looks through a microscope

Urania Pérez loves doing labs as she studies Natural Science at university.

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Quick News, Issue 14

05 October 2021

a yellow sun shining behind the words Building Tomorrow Together

Come celebrate with us this Thursday eveing at Wine for Water 2021: Building Tomorrow Together.

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Quick News, Issue 13

28 September 2021

An assortment of colorful bangles

The Wine for Water auction in now open for bids: Don't miss your chance!

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Quick News, Issue 12

21 September 2021

A woman dressed in a yellow beekeeper's outfit checks on a honeycomb panel from a beehive.

Geissell uses her microloan to raise livestock both large and tiny.

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