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Quick News #29: A House Blessing

18 January 2022

The family stands on the porch of their new home, with hands outstretched to receive the keys from representatives from JustHope and ACOPADES.

The Ramirez-Lainez Family recently moved into their new house: "This new house is making a difference because now I feel safer."

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Quick News #28: New Hope in Hard Times

11 January 2022

Amparo stands with one of the new bags Stitching Hope created for a US fair trade importer.

The women of the Stitching Hope fabric art and sewing cooperative have new hope in the midst of struggle.

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Quick News #27: Patricia's Music Quest

04 January 2022

Patricia sits playing an electric piano.

Patricia has wanted to be a musician for years. Her tenacity and the Cultural Center is making it possible.

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Quick News #26: Claribel's Running Water

28 December 2021

Claribel washes dishes at her kitchen sink as the tap runs.

Claribel and her family's lives have changed thanks to running water in their house.

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Quick News #25: Iliana's Stubborn Hope

21 December 2021

Iliana, smiling, stands behind a display of her handmade jewelry.

Iliana maintains a hope that will not be deterred in the face of hardship. She says, "There is no impossible dream, you just have to make it come...

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December 2021 Newsletter

16 December 2021

JustHope's staff in Nicaragua sending their holiday greetings.

Celebrate the many successful collaborations JustHope's donors and Nicaraguan partners made possible in 2021. Plus Christmas greetings from Nicaragua. Read about it all in our newsletter.

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Quick News #24: Lesbia and the Satisfaction of Being a Leade…

14 December 2021

Lesbia stands along with two other leaders of Chacraseca

Lesbia is a hard-working wife, mother, grandmother, and leader for Chacraseca, the community where she lives and where she was born. She says, "The satisfaction of being a...

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Quick News #23: Ilce Strives to be a "Knowledge Multipl…

07 December 2021

Ilce smiles while sitting in her classroom

Ilce, a teacher in Chacraseca, talks about the struggles of teaching during the pandemic and what she holds dear from JustHope's cultural exchange trips.

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Quick News #22: Dr. Sampson's New Compressor

30 November 2021

Dr. Sampson, wearing scrubs and a surgical mask, kneels beside the new dental air compressor

Dr. Sampson improves his quality of care with a new air compressor.

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Quick News, Issue 21

23 November 2021

Martha stands beside a large, concrete stove stirring a pot

Cooking with Martha

Martha shares the benefits of "green" stoves and her recipes for gallo pinto and tortillas.

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Quick News, Issue 20

16 November 2021

Geycil, with long dark hair and dressed in a pink blouse

Student Profile: Geycil

Geycil is a 3rd year nursing student, juggling family, work, and school.

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JustHope Seeks Executive Director

15 November 2021

The Board of Directors is seeking an Executive Director to lead JustHope in fulfilling its mission to foster cultural understanding by creating mutually beneficial partnerships between communities in...

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