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Quick News #71: Food for Families in Extreme Poverty

22 November 2022

A man with a smile receives a large bag of food items from a taller man in a red hat.

In October, JustHope provided funds for the "Food Bonus for families in extreme poverty" project of ACOPADES, our partners in Chacraseca, which has seen increasing hunger due to...

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Quick News #70: Patrica Keeps Giving Back

16 November 2022

A young points to a whiteboard as she stands in front of 12 students ages 9-11.

Through new English enrichment classes at the Chacraseca Cultural Center, Patricia gives back to the community and programs that formed her.

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Quick News #69: Award-winning Teachers

09 November 2022

A man in a white shirt holds a large, framed certificate. Behind him are several people milling about and an event stage draped with Nicaraguan flags.

This is the third year in a row that teachers from our partner community of Chacraseca have won best-teacher contests sponsored by the Ministry of Education.

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Quick News #68: Sewing in La Flor

02 November 2022

14 women stand in a classroom, each dressed in a similar bright pink blouse and black skirt, and holding a certificate of completion of a sewing course.

Fifteen women in La Flor recently completed a class in sewing, sponsored by the municipality of San Ramón which provided the teacher and sewing machines for the duration...

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Quick News #67: "I do it from the heart"

26 October 2022

A young man in a white medical coat and surgical mask gives a vaccination to an older man.

From a very young age, Rodolfo watched the doctors and nurses in his community and how residents waited in long lines to receive medical treatment. Now he is...

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Quick News #66: Supplies for Women's Health

19 October 2022

Two women, one dressed in a white physician's coat and the other dresses in business attire, hold a large box between them. Inside the box are many individual packages. Both women are smiling, though the physician's smile is hidden by a surgical mask.

Dr. Escobar was excited to receive a large donation of speculums from JustHope. She is so thankful for JustHope's work and support in providing the speculums that will...

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Quick News #65: Indigenous People's Day

12 October 2022

A statue of a man wearing traditional clothing with his arms pointing down and slightly away from him and fists clenched in an expression of strength.

Celebrating the indigenous people of Nicaragua and Tulsa.

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Quick News #64: Flooding in La Flor

05 October 2022

A woman stands on a steep hillside, looking over areas of her rice planting that were eroded due to heavy rain.

Torrential rains in La Flor cause damage to staple crops and infrastructure.

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Quick News #63: The Success of a Partnership

28 September 2022

Four people stand in the atrium building at JustHope's Model Farm. All are laughing as the talk.

An encounter between three individuals encapsulates JustHope’s approach: Recognizing that all parties have important contributions to make in a partnership.

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Quick News #62: Independence Day

21 September 2022

Twenty primary school children dressed in white shirts and blue skirts or pants stand in front of a school classroom in two rows for a presentation. Students in front row hold seven blue and white Nicaraguan flags. In the foreground, we see the backs of 4 young girls in the audience, each with a blue flower in their hair.

On September 15, Nicaragua celebrates its independence from the Spanish Empire in 1821. Children in La Flor and across the country help their communities celebrate and remember the...

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Quick News #61: Virgen de la Merced, Patron Saint of León

14 September 2022

A couple dozen people parade along a road in a wooded area. Several of the marchers carry across their shoulders a platform which holds a statue of the Virgin of Mercy.

Each September, huge celebrations surround the feast day of the patron saint of León, Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes ("Our Lady of Mercy") also known as the Virgen...

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Quick News #60: Microcredit Successes in La Flor

09 September 2022

A woman stands on a grassy hillside holding a rope tied to a pig.

The women who are involved in the La Flor microcredit program continue to strengthen their small businesses. They have faced many difficult situations over past few years, but...

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