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Quick News #46: San Isidro Labrador Celebration

17 May 2022

A statue of St. Isidro the Laborer plowing with two oxen. The statue rests on a platform designed to be carried in a parade and is decorated primarily in yellow and white. Several men mill about in the background, possibly waiting to carry the statue once the parade begins.

The patron saint of farmers is celebrated in a big way in the agricultural community of Chacraseca every May. This story includes a short video of the parade...

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Quick News #45: The Best Standard of Living

10 May 2022

A woman stirs a pan sitting on a concrete-block stove with a chimney pipe rising from the center.

With health, time-saving, and financial benefits, "green stoves" are "best standard of living that women have."

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Quick News #44: Student Profile - Angelica

03 May 2022

Angelica smiles confidently on a sunny day.

Angelica is a pharmacy student supported by JustHope's university scholarship program.

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Quick News #43: Candida Turns Mud Into Art

26 April 2022

Candida concentrates on etching a painted pot with a pencil-shaped tool. A table of brightly colored pottery is in the background.

In a community full of culture and folklore, Candida and her family are alchemists, transforming mud into beautiful art.

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Quick News #42: Sonia's Dreams

19 April 2022

Sonia looking at the camera with a determined look.

By raising pigs and growing corn made possible by the Microcredit Program, Sonia has become "a woman who has reached her dreams and will reach many more."

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April 2022 Newsletter

14 April 2022

A beat-up pickup truck with the bed full of passengers drives away

Save lives by supporting a new community truck in Chacraseca. Welcome to our new director, Ali Hawkins! The triplets from La Flor have a birthday. And more...

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Quick News #41: Rosquillas, An Easter Tradition

12 April 2022

A bowl full of nicely browned, donut-shaped rosquillas

Make your own rosquillas, an Easter tradition from La Flor.

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Quick News #40: La Flor Bean Harvest

04 April 2022

A collage of photos: 1) farmer standing among lush green bean plants, 2) a farmer with sticks beating dried bean plants 3) a farmer bending over to inspect a bean plant 4) a larger group of people posing behind bags of seed and fertilizer 5) a farmer holding harvested been plants in both hands.

The farmers of La Flor harvest the beans that will sustain their families.

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Quick News #39: Flor's Graduation

29 March 2022

Flor, dressed in graduation regalia, smiles as she holds her diploma.

With knowledge in her head, skills in her hands, and a diploma on her wall, Flor can now fulfill her dream.

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Quick News #38: Nimia's New Store

22 March 2022

Nimia smiles behind the glass-topped counter of her new store. Items line the shelves behind her.

Nimia puts her entrepreneurial skills to good use by opening a store to fill the need in her community.

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Quick News #37: Proyecto 22 ("Project 22")

15 March 2022

Seven children sit on chairs, each holding a guitar.

A new cohort of youth forms at the Cultural Center with a new name "Proyecto 22."

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Quick News #36: Scarleth's Journey to a Degree

08 March 2022

Scarleth stands displaying her university diploma

Scarleth's tenacity and JustHope's support have together enabled her to complete her degree against the odds.

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