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Quick News, Issue 4

26 July 2021

Valeria stands in an academic gown holding a diploma.


Valeria is a recent graduate with a degree in medical technology and is eager to put her knowledge and skills to work supporting her family and community in...

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Quick News, Issue 3

19 July 2021

A woman stands in the doorway of a damaged house

Nimia's House

Last November, when a pair of hurricanes hit Chacraseca within two weeks of each other, Nimia’s house was flooded beyond repair. Learn about how her enterprising work...

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Quick News, Issue 2

12 July 2021

a woman holds a signed document; a pandemic mask covers her nose and mouth; behind her a group of women sit in chairs

Maria's First Loan

When faced with the prospect of signing for a loan, Maria Cristina Lopez had a problem...

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Quick News, Issue 1

06 July 2021

three infants lie bundled up on a bed

Quick News is JustHope's new weekly news tidbit. In this inaugural issue, you can learn about how JustHope has supported a family from La Flor who welcomed triplets born this...

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June 2021 Newsletter

01 June 2021

a woman holds a bundle of dried bean stalks in each hand

La Flor has a miracle harvest after the hurricanes devasted their crops last year. Ramona has an incredible story of her successful business made possible by microcredit lending. Plus two...

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Keys to Success are “Opportunity and Faith in Ourselves”…

27 May 2021

Ramona stands with one of her cattle

by Elba Delgado, trans. Francis González

Ramona Francisca Manzanares, a resident of Nicaragua’s Miramar community, is a role model for women in JustHope’s microcredit program. However, this...

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