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Building Tomorrow Together

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October 7, 2021
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Latest News

Quick News, Issue 11

14 September 2021

Abi and Lynne instruct a group of seated youngsters, some holding recorders (the musical instrument).

Abi and Lynne show how collaboration works for teaching music across borders.

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September 2021 Newsletter

10 September 2021

a sun rises behind the words, Building Tomorrow Together

Our Wine for Water event is coming up soon—register now! Maria gets her first loan, and a remarkable change. Read about it all in our newsletter.

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Quick News, Issue 10

07 September 2021

Young student dressed in the white shirt and navy skirt of a school uniform stands confidently outside her home.

I am Saraí de Los Ángeles Cajina Romero, and I am 8 years old. I am in 2nd grade and I am from a small sector in the community of...

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Quick News, Issue 9

31 August 2021

Several men, three with motorcycles, stand pondering the rushing water flowing along what should be a dirt road. The water is clearly swift, of unknown depth, and about 30 feet across.

Elba, our Social Enterprise Coordinator, witnessed this act of kindness on the flooded roads of Chacraseca. “It was dangerous,” she says, because the water was deep. “But it was beautiful…...

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Quick News, Issue 8

24 August 2021

A family of four stands in front of the door of their new house

Maria prayed every day for a house and never gave up. Now, she and her husband and boys have a new home.

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Quick News, Issue 7

17 August 2021

Building Tomorrow Together

Wine for Water 2021: Building Tomorrow Together

Register now for Wine for Water 2021: Building Tomorrow Together.

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Quick News, Issue 6

09 August 2021

A young woman poses wearing a pink gown

Stitching Hope and Quinceañera

The women's sewing collective, Stitching Hope, takes on a variety of projects, including making quinceañera dresses.

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Quick News, Issue 5

02 August 2021

A farm worker uses a machete to chop yuca root into pieces for planting

On the Farm

On the Model Farm, a field has just been planted with yuca. No, not "yucca". Yuca! Also known as cassava. Find out more about this tropical...

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Quick News, Issue 4

26 July 2021

Valeria stands in an academic gown holding a diploma.


Valeria is a recent graduate with a degree in medical technology and is eager to put her knowledge and skills to work supporting her family and community in...

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Quick News, Issue 3

19 July 2021

A woman stands in the doorway of a damaged house

Nimia's House

Last November, when a pair of hurricanes hit Chacraseca within two weeks of each other, Nimia’s house was flooded beyond repair. Learn about how her enterprising work...

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Quick News, Issue 2

12 July 2021

a woman holds a signed document; a pandemic mask covers her nose and mouth; behind her a group of women sit in chairs

Maria's First Loan

When faced with the prospect of signing for a loan, Maria Cristina Lopez had a problem...

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Quick News, Issue 1

06 July 2021

three infants lie bundled up on a bed

Quick News is JustHope's new weekly news tidbit. In this inaugural issue, you can learn about how JustHope has supported a family from La Flor who welcomed triplets born this...

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