La Flor

  • JustHope remains in regular contact with and supportive of, our partner village in mountainous La Flor. What follows is an update we received from their community leader.

  • With help from SpiritBank and DoubleShot Coffee, this project raised the funds needed to start a microbank in La Flor, a small, coffee-farming community in the mountains of central Nicaragua. Access to the loans made available by this new microbank enable small-scale coffee farmers to prepare their coffee fields for the coming season without having to engage a loan shark (which is often the only option for small farmers).

  • La Flor means "the flower" and the beauty of the area is true to the name. La Flor is a small community of farming and coffee-picking families, all of whom live on less than $2 per day. Situated at the top of a mountain in Nicaragua’s cloud forest, there is no vehicle access, making life in La Flor a challenge.

  • In response to a meeting with a group of women in Chacraseca regarding their situation and concerns, JustHope started its first microbank project in July, 2009. That first cycle of lending gave 12 women the opportunity to start their own small business. Loans of $50 - 250 were made for businesses as diverse as small stores, growing pigs, selling tortillas, and farming small plots of land.

  • JustHope partners provide scholarships for primary school children and college students from our partner communities.