Service-Learning Partners

JustHope supports and nurtures several styles of partnership. Each style has its own level of commitment and type of participation; but all of them begin with the recognition that although one’s partner may not be an “equal” in wealth, power, or access to opportunity, or may not be an “equal” in spiritual depth or the capacity for hope, they are of equal value and have equal rights to dignity, respect, and human flourishing.

Since 2009, Tulsa Community College has sent nursing, dental hygiene, and music students to Nicaragua with JustHope. While these service-learning trips are incredibly beneficial to our partner communities, they are also both rewarding and educational for the faculty and students who participate.

Medicos in Solidarity is a service-learning partnership between the small community clinics in Chacraseca and Santa Emilia and a non-geographic group of health professionals in the US.