Tulsa Community College, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa Community College and JustHope have initated a service-learning partnership grounded in the opportunities for shared service and learning. 

The experienced, gifted community leaders in Chacraseca and La Flor are providing service learning opportunities in their communities that help students from the U.S. learn about the systemic causes of the challenges facing Nicaragua.

Since 2009, groups of nursing, dental hygiene, and music students have traveled to Chacraseca, Santa Emilia, and La Flor. Students have learned about rural health care and assisted with community health-education projects in addition to providing some basic health services. Music students have conducted several music camps in Chacraseca working in collaboration with a renowned Nicaraguan musician (marimba) to bring the joys of music to the community and inspire the children. Together, the communities are also developing other long-distance learning opportunities that will involve mutual exchanges of teachers, students, and community participants.