• Dr. Sampson improves his quality of care with a new air compressor.

  • COVID vaccine campaign runs at the clinic in Chacraseca for 2 days.

  • Abi and Lynne show how collaboration works for teaching music across borders.

  • I am Saraí de Los Ángeles Cajina Romero, and I am 8 years old. I am in 2nd grade and I am from a small sector in the community of Chacraseca called La Concepción. JustHope's backpack scholarships are important to me because...

  • Elba, our Social Enterprise Coordinator, witnessed this act of kindness on the flooded roads of Chacraseca. “It was dangerous,” she says, because the water was deep. “But it was beautiful… a small act filled with kindness and solidarity.”

  • by Elba Delgado, trans. Francis González

    Ramona Francisca Manzanares, a resident of Nicaragua’s Miramar community, is a role model for women in JustHope’s microcredit program. However, this 74-year-old widow and mother of eight wasn’t always this confident. In fact, when she received her first $250 loan in 2014, she was so scared that she buried the money.

  • JustHope's education program has come alongside the children and teachers, expanding its efforts greatly in recent years. What started first with scholarships awarded to children grew to collections of books and supplies for donation to the schools. View a video about our Education programs and read a letter from a university scholarship participant in our monthly newsletter.

  • In Chacraseca, schools and families are often ill-equipped to give children quality education. Despite this, the many dedicated teachers in the community work tirelessly on behalf of their students. Often lacking sufficient supplies, such as books, textbooks, and paper, these teachers stretch all that they have to the best of their abilities on behalf of their students.

  • For one year, JustHope was unable to send medical or dental teams to Nicaragua (we are now booking trips again!), but that doesn’t mean that JustHope abandoned health programs in our partner communities. In this newsletter, we look at five critical health initiatives that continue and introduce you to a family who benefits from JustHope's health programs.

  • Handwashing stations, also called Tippy-Taps, are a low-cost solution for schools that do not otherwise have a place for children to clean their hands during the school day. Fashioned from low-cost and readily found materials, they are easy to install and maintain.

  • Thanks to perseverance, prayer and a partnership between JustHope and the Northeast Ohio-based Hands United in Hope & Love, a joint ministry of St. John of the Cross and St. Mary Parishes, people in a remote area of Chacraseca, Nicaragua, who once worshiped in a makeshift sanctuary will soon gather in a permanent chapel.

  • Soluciones Comunitarias Nicaragua is a local social project supported by U.S. non-profit Community Empowerment Solutions.

  • Sonañdo Juntos Ferretería y Tienda

    The store is expanding! After two years in operation, the residents of Chacraseca are celebrating the Ferretería as one of the best things that has happened in their community.

    "I can ride my horse to get what I need!"

    "It's wonderful, now I don't have to go the León to buy nails!"

    "I think I can repair my house now!"

  • With farmers in Nicaragua facing severe crop loss due to climate change, our partners in Chacraseca decided to establish a Model Farm and Farmer Field School.

  • JustHope partners provide scholarships for primary school children and college students from our partner communities.

  • A group of 270 farmers from the furthest sectors in Chacraseca sent representatives to us with an urgent request to help them buy a new tractor.

    At that time their only option for getting their fields ready to plant was to rent a tractor from someone in a nearby community, which is expensive, and they have to wait in a long line, often meaning they can't get their crops planted in time for the short spring growing season.

  • Baby Lizbeth was just 8 days old when a scorpion stung her. Normally, a scorpion sting hurts and can cause some dizziness, but Lizbeth was so small that the sting site immediately swelled and her heart started racing. Her little body was covered in sweat, and she started having difficulty breathing. Fortunately, the Chacraseca Clinic was open.