• Urania, a student in JustHope’s University Scholarship program, has completed her coursework in Education and is on the cusp of receiving her degree. She is writing her thesis, and after she defends it, her university work will be complete.

  • Through new English enrichment classes at the Chacraseca Cultural Center, Patricia gives back to the community and programs that formed her.

  • This is the third year in a row that teachers from our partner community of Chacraseca have won best-teacher contests sponsored by the Ministry of Education.

  • From a very young age, Rodolfo watched the doctors and nurses in his community and how residents waited in long lines to receive medical treatment. Now he is a nurse working in that same clinic.

  • Maria Anielka looks forward to putting her Marketing education to use in her community.

  • Students in La Flor receive "a lot of encouragement to continue studying."

  • Access to a school printer: a small thing that makes a huge difference in the lives of Chacraseca's teachers and students.

  • Norvin found that Economics is the perfect marriage of his passions: human behavior and mathematics. JustHope's University Scholarship Program is helping him pursue those passions.

  • Angelica is a pharmacy student supported by JustHope's university scholarship program.

  • With knowledge in her head, skills in her hands, and a diploma on her wall, Flor can now fulfill her dream.

  • Scarleth's tenacity and JustHope's support have together enabled her to complete her degree against the odds.

  • Yesica studies Marketing and Publicity at UNAN-León with support from JustHope's university scholarship program.

  • Ilce, a teacher in Chacraseca, talks about the struggles of teaching during the pandemic and what she holds dear from JustHope's cultural exchange trips.

  • Student Profile: Geycil

    Geycil is a 3rd year nursing student, juggling family, work, and school.

  • Urania Pérez loves doing labs as she studies Natural Science at university.

  • I am Saraí de Los Ángeles Cajina Romero, and I am 8 years old. I am in 2nd grade and I am from a small sector in the community of Chacraseca called La Concepción. JustHope's backpack scholarships are important to me because...

  • Valeria

    Valeria is a recent graduate with a degree in medical technology and is eager to put her knowledge and skills to work supporting her family and community in Chacraseca.

  • JustHope's education program has come alongside the children and teachers, expanding its efforts greatly in recent years. What started first with scholarships awarded to children grew to collections of books and supplies for donation to the schools. View a video about our Education programs and read a letter from a university scholarship participant in our monthly newsletter.

  • In Chacraseca, schools and families are often ill-equipped to give children quality education. Despite this, the many dedicated teachers in the community work tirelessly on behalf of their students. Often lacking sufficient supplies, such as books, textbooks, and paper, these teachers stretch all that they have to the best of their abilities on behalf of their students.

  • Teachers in Chacraseca believe the greatest resource they have is themselves. Through the Teacher Enrichment Program, teachers receive supplemental trainings on requested subjects and learn innovative uses of teaching materials.

  • JustHope distributes resource crates — stocked with reading books, maps, diagrams, math manipulatives, and a STEM kit — to fourteen schools in Chacraseca to supplement learning in the classroom.

  • When Glenin Beatriz Martinez Mungia from the Boca de Cantaro sector in Chacraseca, Nicaragua, began to study at her local university, it was a financial strain on her family. They soon realized that there simply wasn't enough to put food on the table and pay for school, so Glenin had to quit. She thought she would never realize her dream of earning a degree. Then, 20 women came together to change that.

  • We partnered with a filmmaker in Nicaragua to highlight what JustHope is doing and who we are impacting. We are making a difference in the lives of people like Yamilet, a farmer and microcredit participant, who remarked: "Three years ago I never hoped to succeed like I do now. Today I feel secure because I have a way to earn."

    We will be screening the video at Wine for Water on Oct 1. Check it out on YouTube.