• With health, time-saving, and financial benefits, "green stoves" are "best standard of living that women have."

  • Cooking with Martha

    Martha shares the benefits of "green" stoves and her recipes for gallo pinto and tortillas.

  • For one year, JustHope was unable to send medical or dental teams to Nicaragua (we are now booking trips again!), but that doesn’t mean that JustHope abandoned health programs in our partner communities. In this newsletter, we look at five critical health initiatives that continue and introduce you to a family who benefits from JustHope's health programs.

  • Last month around 1 billion people in nearly 192 countries participated in environmental activities to celebrate Earth Day. While we’ve seen incredible achievements in environmental conservation, education and activism, there is still much to be done. This holds true for our Nicaraguan partner communities as well. In this newsletter, we take a look at “green” JustHope programs.

  • Building a Green Stove

    An average family burns an entire small tree in less than two weeks. That times 1,500,000 or so families in Nicaragua, equals a LOT of trees. Nicaragua's response has been to outlaw cutting down trees, so now poor families have to buy the wood for their fires.

    It's become an environmental AND an economical crisis!

    Several JustHope Partners are building "green" (ecological) stoves in La Flor and Chacraseca to help reduce both the expense of cooking and the deforestation its causing.