• Stitching Hope and Quinceañera

    The women's sewing collective, Stitching Hope, takes on a variety of projects, including making quinceañera dresses.

  • Two events coming up in the next month, both virtual: and JustHope Live on microcredit, September 24, and Wine for Water, October 8.

  • Founder Leslie Penrose shares some of her favorite memories from JustHope's first 13 years. The Sonañdo Juntos Ferretería y Tienda (Dreaming Together Hardware and General Store) leaves a community changed by its impact. Join the next JustHope Live conversation on August 13.

  • The Pottery Lottery is back. Plus, the latest from our social media feed.

  • What good could a few hundred dollars do? If you were to ask this question of a small business owner in the United States, the answer would probably be a swift “Not much!” We spotlight the Microcredit Program in this month's newsletter.

  • We partnered with a filmmaker in Nicaragua to highlight what JustHope is doing and who we are impacting. We are making a difference in the lives of people like Yamilet, a farmer and microcredit participant, who remarked: "Three years ago I never hoped to succeed like I do now. Today I feel secure because I have a way to earn."

    We will be screening the video at Wine for Water on Oct 1. Check it out on YouTube.