• The women who are involved in the La Flor microcredit program continue to strengthen their small businesses. They have faced many difficult situations over past few years, but they move forward in supporting their families through their business.

  • Elba Delgado couldn't imagine what impact the new microcredit program would have or the ways that women would come together to support each other. But over the next decade, it became clear that Women United are women with power.

  • Several lean years have given way to an historically big harvest with record profits for La Flor's coffee growers, like Donaldo.

  • In a community full of culture and folklore, Candida and her family are alchemists, transforming mud into beautiful art.

  • Nimia puts her entrepreneurial skills to good use by opening a store to fill the need in her community.

  • The women of the Stitching Hope fabric art and sewing cooperative have new hope in the midst of struggle.

  • Iliana maintains a hope that will not be deterred in the face of hardship. She says, "There is no impossible dream, you just have to make it come true."

  • Geissell uses her microloan to raise livestock both large and tiny.

  • Stitching Hope and Quinceañera

    The women's sewing collective, Stitching Hope, takes on a variety of projects, including making quinceañera dresses.

  • Two events coming up in the next month, both virtual: and JustHope Live on microcredit, September 24, and Wine for Water, October 8.

  • Founder Leslie Penrose shares some of her favorite memories from JustHope's first 13 years. The Sonañdo Juntos Ferretería y Tienda (Dreaming Together Hardware and General Store) leaves a community changed by its impact. Join the next JustHope Live conversation on August 13.

  • The Pottery Lottery is back. Plus, the latest from our social media feed.

  • What good could a few hundred dollars do? If you were to ask this question of a small business owner in the United States, the answer would probably be a swift “Not much!” We spotlight the Microcredit Program in this month's newsletter.

  • We partnered with a filmmaker in Nicaragua to highlight what JustHope is doing and who we are impacting. We are making a difference in the lives of people like Yamilet, a farmer and microcredit participant, who remarked: "Three years ago I never hoped to succeed like I do now. Today I feel secure because I have a way to earn."

    We will be screening the video at Wine for Water on Oct 1. Check it out on YouTube.