Bricks of JustHope

Several JustHope partners are building new, safe houses for the homeless and nearly homeless families of Chacraseca and La Flor. The partners provide the funding for the home and then work side-by-side with the family who will live there.

Each home is about 12’ x 18’ and is made of concrete blocks with a metal roof and concrete floor. All the construction is done by hand. Each home also includes an environmentally sustainable cook stove and a latrine.

The construction is supervised by a local jefe who is paid to lead the work project. The family — selected by the community’s leadership — joins in the building project, and neighbors often come to help.

Concrete Floors for Health

Kids in houseNew homeMultiple studies have shown that families who live in houses with dirt floors have significantly more health problems than those who have concrete floors. In Chacraseca, a critically poor community in coastal Nicaragua, there are hundreds of families living with dirt floors, and constant, recurring health problems. A $300 concrete floor can change their floor and their lives!

JustHope is partnering with the leadership in Chacraseca to work to replace all the dirt floors in Chacraseca.