Bricks of Hope

a smiling woman stands in front of a newly build house made of cinder blocks and a shiny metal roof

Cardboard. Plastic. Dirt floors. Sheets of metal haphazardly erected into a makeshift home. This is how poor families live in Nicaragua. It is not only uncomfortable and inconvenient, but unsanitary living conditions also have a major effect on health and well-being. They contribute to concerns such as insect and parasite infestations, respiratory infections, asthma, lead poisoning, and a higher likelihood of burns and other injuries.

JustHope and its partners want to make sure that each family in our partner communities has a safe and sanitary place to call home. Working alongside the family who will occupy the house, we build a sturdy concrete block structure with concrete floors and a metal roof. All the construction is done by hand, and each home comes with an environmentally sustainable green stove and latrine.

Fund a new home for a Nicaraguan Family