JustHope to Suspend Operations

December 14th 2022

Dear Friends of JustHope,

The JustHope Board of Directors has come to a difficult decision. We will be ending our current operations in Nicaragua effective December 31, 2022. This also means we will be laying off our staff in both Nicaragua and the United States. With sadness and deep gratitude, we thank them for their incredible commitment and effort on behalf of our partner communities.


group of proud builders beside a mostly-finished latrine made of brick

Open defecation and improper sanitation are systemic problems in Nicaragua, which lead to around 300 childhood deaths each year (WaterAid, 2014). As the World Health Organization explains, “open defecation perpetuates a vicious cycle of disease and poverty.”

We are trying to break that cycle, one latrine at a time! JustHope and partners construct pit latrines for families and schools in our partner communities to ensure improved sanitation and a private place to “go.”

Some benefits of improved sanitation include:

  • Reduced risk of diarrhea and other diseases
  • Reduced severity and impact of malnutrition
  • Reduced contamination and pollution of nearby areas and water
  • Increased dignity and safety, particularly for women and girls
  • Increased school attendance, particularly for girls

Since beginning this initiative in 2013, we have constructed close to 60 latrines in Chacraseca and La Flor. Considering that for every $1.00 invested in sanitation, there is a return of $5.50 in lower healthcare costs, more productivity, and fewer premature deaths (WHO, 2012), that adds up to a benefit of around $165,000!

Buy a latrine for a Nicaraguan family or school

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