Health Gifts

Life in a rural Nicaraguan community like Chacraseca or La Flor is a daily challenge. Many families live in houses with dirt floors and cook over open flames. A supply of clean, healthy water is intermittent, and electricity is unreliable. On top of that, medical care can be hard to come by outside of the cities. JustHope operates a small health clinic in Chacraseca, providing access to affordable health care and much-needed medicines. In addition, JustHope is committed to preventative health measures that tackle health concerns before they become a problem.

Can you imagine relying on an open stove to heat your house and cook your food? Smoke inhalation from open pit burning accounts for millions of premature deaths each year, yet many Nicaraguans have no other choice but to use harmful cooking techniques. A “green stove” provides a safer and more efficient way to cook. $50 supplies 1/10 of the cost of a green stove. $495 supplies a house with a green stove.
Green Stove
Brand JustHope

Can you imagine not having a sanitary and comfortable place to “go?” It’s such a basic “luxury” but one that makes a big difference. Not only does a latrine provide a clean and healthy way to “go,” but it also gives a sense of dignity. $40 pays for 1/10 of a new latrine for a family or school. $400 builds a brand new latrine for a family or school.
Family or School Latrine
Brand JustHope

A sanitary and low-impact latrine will be added to the learning facilities for participant and visitor use. $500 builds a composting latrine for the Farmer Field School.
Farmer Field School Latrine
Brand JustHope