Chacraseca Clean Water Project

Clean Water… it seems so simple. We have access to it in our sinks, our showers, our garden hoses, even in our toilets! But in Chacraseca clean water is a fragile, precious luxury...

Engineers have determined that one of the three wells in Chacraseca's water system is simply too close to the volcano. Heat and chemicals from the volcano are burning up the pumps and corroding the pipes. And every time a pump breaks or pipes corrode, the system stops working for weeks or months at a time while funds are raised and repairs are made. During those “dry” times, families are forced to drink toxic water from local wells causing illness and even death, or to buy water from a neighboring community at 10 times the normal cost.

The well must be moved to another location to make sure the precious gift of clean drinking water STAYS available for the people who live in Chacraseca. The cost is $40,000 to dig a new well that can draw adequate water for all the families, plus another $10,000 to run the electricity and put the pump in place. We are continuing to work toward that goal.

Solidarity births miracles — Todos, no Algunos! (All, not just some.)