• Sonañdo Juntos Ferretería y Tienda

    The store is expanding! After two years in operation, the residents of Chacraseca are celebrating the Ferretería as one of the best things that has happened in their community.

    "I can ride my horse to get what I need!"

    "It's wonderful, now I don't have to go the León to buy nails!"

    "I think I can repair my house now!"

  • With help from SpiritBank and DoubleShot Coffee, this project raised the funds needed to start a microbank in La Flor, a small, coffee-farming community in the mountains of central Nicaragua. Access to the loans made available by this new microbank enable small-scale coffee farmers to prepare their coffee fields for the coming season without having to engage a loan shark (which is often the only option for small farmers).

  • JustHope has been visiting the potters' village, San Juan de Oriente, for several years. Over these years, a friendship and partnersip was formed with the Lopez family potters, Cándida, Fanor, Isaias, and Leandro.

  • A group of 270 farmers from the furthest sectors in Chacraseca sent representatives to us with an urgent request to help them buy a new tractor.

    At that time their only option for getting their fields ready to plant was to rent a tractor from someone in a nearby community, which is expensive, and they have to wait in a long line, often meaning they can't get their crops planted in time for the short spring growing season.

  • Santa Emilia has a Primary School that goes through the 6th grade. However, going to High School has been a challenge for young people in Santa Emilia. There was no High School within the community.

  • The "Beca House" is a house that was gifted to the community of Chacraseca, Nicaragua, which they have chosen to use as a dorm for young women from poor communities who are going to college on becas (scholarships). It is now a wonderful resource, that houses between 6 and 12 women each semester. After a few years of partner support with upkeep and maintenance, it is now fully self-sustaining!

  • From 2008-2010, the entire community of Santa Emilia worked together with their project's founding partner and JustHope to complete a clean water system that serves all its residents.

  • In 2009, the families of the isolated mountain top community of La Flor organized to change the dangerous health risks that come from toxic water.

  • JustHope's first project in 2007 was to partner with community leaders in the town of Chacraseca to complete a potable water project for its 8,000 residents.